22 Feb

UntitledStrawberry Watermelon.


Cherry Cooler.

Grape Slushie.

Man, oh man, do I love these new Starburst flavors.  I always think they can’t think of better …or newer flavors..and boom…here they go.

Especially that Strawberry Watermelon…..and That Grape Slushie.  Grape Slushie might be the best Starburst I have had in a lonnnnng time.  It’s just has the perfect grape soda /slush bite to it.  It’s all grape-y….and I love it.   For sure.. pick up a few of these if you see them.


21 Feb

UntitledHmmm.  Odd, this.

I love Cheez Its.  I love bacon.

I am not bowled over by these.   The cheddar is there but that bacon….flavor…..just seems….FAKE’n, than bacon.   I think they used just a touch too much of the bacon flavor.  If it was more mild, it might not stand out so much.


20 Feb

UntitledOhhhhhhkay BK, NOW you are on to something here.

I love chicken.  I love fries. I like chicken-fries.

I did NOT like the Buffalo Chicken fries…they didn’t live up to the hype.

I did NOT like the Cheetos Chicken Fries….again…hype.

Now these here?????  These here Jalapeno Chicken Fries???  These here????  These have something to say.   The breadding on these have bits of jalapeno in them, so you get a scattered bit of heat during the experience.   I have had these twice now and both times I had to wait…which is fine because I wanted them fresh.   Fresh they were.   Nice and crispy.   Flavor and style.  This is a Chicken Fry I can support on a regular basis.

So…of course it will be a limited time thing.   sigh…..


17 Feb

UntitledOkay, I wasn’t too impressed with the other Pringles LOUD offering…so when I saw this other flavor I was leery.

But the concept called to me….loud crunch….salsa flavors….sounds too yummy.  I can annoy people with a crunch and enjoy salsa flavors at the same time?


These do have a loud crunch and some good flavors too.   Like salsa on a chip…..made me all fiesta-y inside eating them.


16 Feb

UntitledZA LAT Pizza is great for late-night eaters since it is open until 4am on the weekends. It’s your basic-no-frills-mostly-take-out-and-delivery-pizzeria.  Hitting it around 10 pm one night and there was already a line for to-go pies.

Since I am new to this joint, I ordered your basic pepperoni.   That is exactly what I got.   The price for a single topping pizza was almost $14 dollars.    Ouch.  The crust was super-super thin.  Barely any sauce.   Fair amount of cheese and ‘roni…but it just seemed too little for that premium price.

$14 at Fireside Pies, I get.   $14 at Cane Rosso, I get.   This I don’t get…. or will get again.


15 Feb


I haven’t had these since I was a kid.   Man…oh man…do these things kick ass!!!

Yes, they have been in the import aisle in the store for some time but they always tasted OLD.

Ever had WHOPPERS?  Okay…well these kick that whopper ass.

MALTESERS (pronounced MALL- TEASERS) take what is good about Whoppers and makes it way better…the chocolate is lighter,creamy, and has a depth of flavor to it.  The inside malted part is LIGHT…airy…crispy rather than crunchy and sometimes chalky.

Love. Love.  Love.  Love that these are finally available nationwide.    Fantastic news!!!



14 Feb

UntitledOkay you KNOW these are going to crunch like…a bunch.

Drago’s is evidently a restaurant in New Orleans (who knew?) so these chips are a reflection of that place.

These are Roasted Garlic flavored chips and they are quite tasty.  It’s a mild garlic taste.  Nothing too powerful or overwhelming.  There is a super-small sweetness on the back end of the taste that makes me want another chip.  And another.  And another…

You see that in the upper left?  Yeah…Limited Edition…so they won’t be around for long.   Try’em while you can!!!