22 Mar

UntitledTom’s.   I enjoy his products.   What I like about his chips is that they tend to come in all the flavors I love….and they are a bit heavy-handed with the seasoning….that’s bonus flavor to you and me.

So when I sees these (say that outloud..hear the flow…sees…these…whatever) on the shelf at a QT (QuikTrip…keep up kiddos) I was excited.  Love chips.  Love buffalo wings.  Buffalo Wing chips? DONE!

These are pretty good.  They have that TANG of the vinegar flavor and some nice-even-heat.   Good crunch too.   Like these when I sees these!!!


10 Mar

UntitledNow this is what I am talkin’ about, kids.

Hideout Burgers in Mansfield is the real deal.  It’s a no-frills burger joint and that is all I want it to be. Hideout makes a homestyle burger that is probably the best burger I have had in Mansfield.  Period.   Without exception.

The staff is friendly and the cafe has some speedy services.  Those burgers we ordered slid onto our table by a friendly face in a matter of minutes.   The place was kind of busy that night too.   Families and kid sport teams all chowin’ down.    Family friendly type place.  Just a great all-around experience.  Lookin’ forward to going back for another burger and trying the rest of the menu.


9 Mar

UntitledWell this is bittersweet.   City Pizza & Wings in Irving is now located in what used to be a small carryout-only Pizza Inn location.   The only Pizza Inn location in Irving that I can think of.    That sucks.   I miss Pizza Inn.

So when I saw that it was converted to City Pizza I was beyond curious.   Their menu is not just pizza and wings.  They have several things.    Lots of choices and reasons to try this place.  I figured I would start with a simple pepperoni pie and I was blown away!   It’s easily one of the best pizzas I have had in Irving in the last couple of years.  That crust is KILLER!!!!  It’s very light and tender with a slight chew.  The cheese was super-gooey and there was ample pepperoni.   I should have asked for extra sauce on the side so I could dip those bones (the end crusts) because they were puffy and made perfect breadsticks on their own.   The only drawback is their topping selection.  It’s pretty basic and standard so if you are looking to get all kray-kray with artisan pies, this is not the place for you.   This is a super-solid pie from a great little mom-n-pop type joint.  The kind of place I love to talk about and spread the word on.  I hope they have great success and last a long time in ol’ crooked i.


24 Feb

UntitledWhen I think Italian comfort food…I think Chicken Parm.  It’s delicious and filling and has all the textures and tastes I love about Italian food.

Macaroni Grill has some excellent food.   Service is always great.   This chicken parm was up there…as in…one of the best I have had in a long time.   Lightly crispy, well-seasoned, and cooked perfectly.

Sadly the capellini that came with….not so much.  It was mushy…almost gummy texture to it.   I am not talking al dente.    I am talking noodles soaking too long and they are just exhausted.   Other than that, this was a fine dish that I would order again…just with a different pasta side.



23 Feb

UntitledI loves the Panda.  Well..almost everything Panda.  Their fortune cookies are always lame fortunes.  I never get a good one.  I get lotto numbers.  What am I gonna do with that?  Play the lotto?  PFFT…

So I am at the Panda and they have Firecracker Chicken breast back on the menu.   Chicken, peppers, onions, with some black bean sauce?   Serve it up, homie!

Okay, the photo might not look crazy-appealing…but trust and believe…it’s good stuff.




22 Feb

UntitledStrawberry Watermelon.


Cherry Cooler.

Grape Slushie.

Man, oh man, do I love these new Starburst flavors.  I always think they can’t think of better …or newer flavors..and boom…here they go.

Especially that Strawberry Watermelon…..and That Grape Slushie.  Grape Slushie might be the best Starburst I have had in a lonnnnng time.  It’s just has the perfect grape soda /slush bite to it.  It’s all grape-y….and I love it.   For sure.. pick up a few of these if you see them.


21 Feb

UntitledHmmm.  Odd, this.

I love Cheez Its.  I love bacon.

I am not bowled over by these.   The cheddar is there but that bacon….flavor…..just seems….FAKE’n, than bacon.   I think they used just a touch too much of the bacon flavor.  If it was more mild, it might not stand out so much.