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22 Mar

UntitledTom’s.   I enjoy his products.   What I like about his chips is that they tend to come in all the flavors I love….and they are a bit heavy-handed with the seasoning….that’s bonus flavor to you and me.

So when I sees these (say that outloud..hear the flow…sees…these…whatever) on the shelf at a QT (QuikTrip…keep up kiddos) I was excited.  Love chips.  Love buffalo wings.  Buffalo Wing chips? DONE!

These are pretty good.  They have that TANG of the vinegar flavor and some nice-even-heat.   Good crunch too.   Like these when I sees these!!!


22 Feb

UntitledStrawberry Watermelon.


Cherry Cooler.

Grape Slushie.

Man, oh man, do I love these new Starburst flavors.  I always think they can’t think of better …or newer flavors..and boom…here they go.

Especially that Strawberry Watermelon…..and That Grape Slushie.  Grape Slushie might be the best Starburst I have had in a lonnnnng time.  It’s just has the perfect grape soda /slush bite to it.  It’s all grape-y….and I love it.   For sure.. pick up a few of these if you see them.


14 Feb

UntitledOkay you KNOW these are going to crunch like…a bunch.

Drago’s is evidently a restaurant in New Orleans (who knew?) so these chips are a reflection of that place.

These are Roasted Garlic flavored chips and they are quite tasty.  It’s a mild garlic taste.  Nothing too powerful or overwhelming.  There is a super-small sweetness on the back end of the taste that makes me want another chip.  And another.  And another…

You see that in the upper left?  Yeah…Limited Edition…so they won’t be around for long.   Try’em while you can!!!



9 Feb

UntitledHmmm… pizza sticks…sounds awesome.

In reality….they are just longer pizza rolls.

In the microwave (which is touted on the box) these  things are HORRIBLE.  They are gooey and sloppy..and not in a good way.  They bubbled and split open….so all the insides were stuck to the microwave turntable.  Good times.

Cooked in an oven?  (which takes 30 mins or so by the by) they ….weren’t…..bad.  Nice crunch and the insides remained intact.   But who is gonna oven these things?   If I was, why not just do a full-on pizza?   Pass.

Papa John’s PAN pizza

5 Oct

UntitledSo this was a surprise, I show up to the JFC compound and find the gang has already ordered the new Papa John’s PAN pizza. Yeah you read that right…PAN.   Now I love a good PAN pizza or deep dish style when it’s done right.

I think the words PAN are key here because the crust tastes the same. Same texture but maybe more of the dough to fill up the pan.   Judging by the dark browning on the end-crust and the bottom it looks like these are cooked in a deep-dish-style pan that is normally greased to ensure browning.

It’s a novel approach and along with the new chunky-style tomato sauce it’s….decent. To be honest the pie we tried seemed overcooked.  Those end pieces were dried out and hard-crunchy.  Not the intent I am sure.   Not bad…just not what I expected.


26 Sep

UntitledOh….my….lord…are these instantly addictive.   WOO!!

It’s such a deceptively simple idea.  Frozen banana slices in dark chocolate with some almond pieces on top.   Four slices to a bag.  These frozen bites are sooooo good.   Banana and dark chocolate are a fantastic flavor blend as it is, but those almonds really do kick it up a bit.  My new favorite snack!!

WHOLE CUTS – Lightly Salted Fries

25 Aug

UntitledThese seem oddly familiar.   Fries as chips……hmmm… I remember whatafries…here….and smart fries…here…and ruffles crispy….and now we have WHOLE CUTS, which are the same thing….essentially big potato sticks…which they still make…and I reviewed here…years ago.

Now this is not to say that they are bad.  They just aren’t new…well…they are for Whole Cuts… but..nevermind.

I like that these are larger in size than all the previous versions.   They have good crunch too.   Lightly salted…they just taste like cold fries that are somehow still crunchy.

UntitledBUT…as you can see when I popped open the bag..there are broken pieces aplenty.  Broken pieces and lots of air in that bag.  I was hoping for a larger portion size….but whattaya gonna do.

But for 1.29 a bag…and several 24 hour burger joints in my area….  I would probably just go get some actual fries if I got a craving.