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21 Feb

UntitledHmmm.  Odd, this.

I love Cheez Its.  I love bacon.

I am not bowled over by these.   The cheddar is there but that bacon….flavor…..just seems….FAKE’n, than bacon.   I think they used just a touch too much of the bacon flavor.  If it was more mild, it might not stand out so much.


17 Feb

UntitledOkay, I wasn’t too impressed with the other Pringles LOUD offering…so when I saw this other flavor I was leery.

But the concept called to me….loud crunch….salsa flavors….sounds too yummy.  I can annoy people with a crunch and enjoy salsa flavors at the same time?


These do have a loud crunch and some good flavors too.   Like salsa on a chip…..made me all fiesta-y inside eating them.


25 Jan

UntitledOkay.   Please pay attention right now.  Hear what I am saying…writing…whatever.

These Italian Herb Ritz are

The.  Absolute.  Best.  Ritz.  Ever. Made.


Ritz, by themselves, are great crackers, but sometimes you want something kinda classy.  Kinda expensive or imported.   Something you can show off at a party.

Well…these…are them.   That Basil, Oregano, Rosemary, and Black Pepper blend really NAILS it.   These taste so fancy!


24 Aug

UntitledSnyder’s is just about your industry standard in pretzels.  Everyone loves them and I see them everywhere.

Salty.  Snackable.  Nice and simple.

They have all these different flavored pretz too that I normally like.

Normally as in…I don’t like this one.  You would think I would but these have a light cheddar dusting that is so mild that its more annoying than flavorful.  The added flavor is so barely there…ugh…I give up on these already.


30 Mar

Untitledoh snap…these are good!  These are light and crispy and have such good flavor.  They also remind me that:

A.  I don’t eat apples often but I like them.  Weird.

B.  I love the taste of cinnamon and apple together.

C.  Fruit can be chips….and delicious.

D.  Must keep snacking……nom nom nom…soo addictive


20 Nov


Good LORD, why hasn’t anyone ever told me about these before????   I mean DAMN…I like the regular ones already but these got some FLAVOR / HEAT and that great texture?   Hells Yeah.   This bag was demolished in a ten minute car ride.


16 Nov

UntitledHaving only recently been introduced to the COMBOS world, I see these and realize I have never seen them before.  Was this a new flavor or one I just overlooked?  It’s a simple enough snack, just your basic cheddar cheese inside the combo shell (this time cracker instead of pretzel like the ones I normally get) so would this be another snacky-snack that I likey-like? Uh, kinda.   Don’t get me wrong, they are nice and snackable but they taste like those crackers and cheez that comes with the little red stick…and you smear the cheez on the crackers….? You know what I am talking about??

handi snack//’S NOTE – Are you referring to the Kraft Hand-Snacks…Crackers ‘n Cheez Dip by chance?)

(ME:)  Yeah.  Them.  they taste like them without all the labor and the red stick.

Just like that.