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24 Feb

UntitledWhen I think Italian comfort food…I think Chicken Parm.  It’s delicious and filling and has all the textures and tastes I love about Italian food.

Macaroni Grill has some excellent food.   Service is always great.   This chicken parm was up there…as in…one of the best I have had in a long time.   Lightly crispy, well-seasoned, and cooked perfectly.

Sadly the capellini that came with….not so much.  It was mushy…almost gummy texture to it.   I am not talking al dente.    I am talking noodles soaking too long and they are just exhausted.   Other than that, this was a fine dish that I would order again…just with a different pasta side.



20 Feb

UntitledOhhhhhhkay BK, NOW you are on to something here.

I love chicken.  I love fries. I like chicken-fries.

I did NOT like the Buffalo Chicken fries…they didn’t live up to the hype.

I did NOT like the Cheetos Chicken Fries….again…hype.

Now these here?????  These here Jalapeno Chicken Fries???  These here????  These have something to say.   The breadding on these have bits of jalapeno in them, so you get a scattered bit of heat during the experience.   I have had these twice now and both times I had to wait…which is fine because I wanted them fresh.   Fresh they were.   Nice and crispy.   Flavor and style.  This is a Chicken Fry I can support on a regular basis.

So…of course it will be a limited time thing.   sigh…..


1 Feb

UntitledTwo corn tortillas, fire-grilled chicken, onion and cilantro.

Now I look at that and think “Street Taco”.   But I guess Street Taco doesn’t sound as cool as “Chicken Taco Al Carbon” (said in my Antonio Banderas voice..seriously…I sound just like him).

Anyway El Pollo Loco is new at this location of 360 in Arlington.  They offer “fire-citrus-chicken” and it’s quite tasty.   These tacos were very light and fresh tasting.

The only drawback is I asked for salsa and I got pico.  I bet with salsa, these  could easily be a favorite thing of mine.   Guess I have an excuse to go back.

Very very reasonable prices and fresh taste???  Win. Win.   Go Try’em.


7 Oct

UntitledBurger King has been known for a couple of years now for their “chicken fries”.   Cheetos has been known for being “Dangerously cheesy” with their snack chips.   Well they have teamed up to take two great ideas and make one incredibly mediocre mashup.

These taste like regular chicken fries with the FAINTEST hint of cheese flavor. They are BARELY orange.  Everything these things COULD have been….they are NOT.

This should have been a MONSTER.   They should have had so much cheddar powder on them that your fingers were permanently stained.    Dangerously cheesy.  Indeed.  What a let-down.


6 Oct

UntitledGeneral TSO. General TSO.  GENERAL TSO.  That’s all I hear about Chinese food.  Try the General TSO chicken.

Well I am at the PANDA, and I did….and it’s OVER-HYPED.   It’s not a BAD dish.  Just hyped to the moon.  It’s a mild mix of chicken and veggies….and in my opinion…doesn’t hold a candle to PANDA’s SWEET FIRE CHICKEN… I LOVE THAT SWEET FIRE CHICKEN FROM PANDA EXPRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 Sep


For as long as I can remember, I have heard people all over the DFW sing the praises of Chicken Express. The fries, the chicken, the rolls…oh the rolls…and the sweet tea.   It is an orgy of deliciousness and it’s absolutely ridiculous that I have lived here this long and NEVER had it.

Well, fans and friends, I have not had it and it’s —-well—- I found it kinda “meh”. I had your basic chicken strip box.  The fries were pretty generic and greasy.  The chicken wasn’t very flavorful and the breading kept falling off.   The ROLLS???  HOLY JESUS them some good rolls!!!!  I would return just for a box of rolls!!!!!!    The sweet tea is pretty damn tasty too but it’s not a place I would have on my go-to list.   It’s just kinda generic.   Tell me what I am missing in the comments below.  Did I order the wrong thing?




9 Aug

UntitledArby’s “Has the meats” or so they keep telling me.  Honestly I don’t live near one so I don’t eat there much….but… now I got a reason to…. Buffalo.  Chicken.  Slider.  woo.

You know I loves me chicken.  Loves me spicy/buffalo chicken more so.

Currently at Arby’s you can get a buffalo chicken slider for $1.00.   It’s basically a chicken strip on a bun with a “parmesan peppercorn ranch” sauce (that I politely declined) smeared in there for added flavor.

What I received was a super-soft mini-hoagie-like bun with a chicken strip absolutely dripping in buffalo sauce – a very good-but-wish-it-was-hotter-buffalo sauce.

I only got one and it was gone in a couple of minutes and I wished I had ordered about six of them.  I enjoyed them that much…..and of course they are only around for a limited time.