El Paco and Marquez Bakery

9 Apr

Living in Texas, I know my Chips-n-salsa.   It’s practically its own food group here.   ALL Mexican restaurants…hell…ALL RESTAURANTS period….are judged (by me and lots of others) by those two simple things.

The rule being:  If your chips-n-salsa sucks, the rest of your food probably does as well.

I am very big on having “restaurant-quality” food at home.  It is an unbelievable challenge to find store-bought chips-n-salsa that would rival any restaurant.

That is where these two kids come into play:  EL PACO and MARQUEZ BAKERY.

MARQUEZ BAKERY is a FANTASTIC little shop.  They make incredible cakes, sweet-breads and they also have a cafe menu with some delicious Mexican dishes.   So you can sit down and eat there.

They make their own pico de gallo and salsas too.   Their salsa is probably one of the BEST salsas I have ever had.   It’s got some kick and is the perfect balance of heat and flavor.   Let me say this again:

One of the BEST I have ever had.    Marquez is also very smart to carry some damn-fine tortilla chips to go with them.   They are made by EL PACO and they are the perfect chip to go with that awesome salsa.  It is the best marriage of store-bought and made-fresh I can imagine.

Together, this combo will defeat ANY and ALL combos you could put together from your local grocery store.    It’s THAT GOOD.  I have brought this 1-2-punch of a snack to plenty of parties and get-together events and it NEVER fails to impress.   People who no longer live here even ask me to send them care packages of this stuff.

And while your ears hear that snappy crunch, and your nose is starting to run because the salsa is so-hot-that-you-should-stop-eating-it-but-you-can’t…..  yeah.   That’s when you got something!

They are located by Cowboys Stadium.  So check them out and pop on over to URBANSPOON and join the conversation

Marquez Bakery and Tortilla Factory on Urbanspoon

One Response to “El Paco and Marquez Bakery”

  1. Richard Patoskie June 7, 2015 at 5:24 pm #

    Hi my name is Richard Patoskie, I own El Paco foods and wanted to say thank you for the kind words.

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