29 Jan

UntitledThe legend of “Hot Chicken” is a great one and any online search of the term will show you recipes or stories about this southern dish that is absolutely delicious.  It has been knocked off by many a restaurant and now KFC has issued their own version.  I couldn’t wait to try it.

And this is easily THE BEST thing I have ever eaten from KFC, period.   Of course it doesn’t actually duplicate the amount of heat you normally find in “hot chicken” but it’s close and for a national chain that has to appeal-to-the-masses…it’s a total home run.   It’s an instant classic for them and something that should be on the menu all the time…..and it’s another limited time only deal…..FML.

I will say that six bucks for 3 tenders, a biscuit, and some coleslaw seems a bit pricey though.   I don’t like coleslaw so to me that works out to around two bucks a tender, not counting the biscuit….which again seems expensive in my head.  So I don’t like that but I am obviously not that bothered because I have gladly paid for them on four separate occassions in less than a week…since they debuted.  I dig them that much.

I would encourage all of you to try them if you like spicy stuff and comment below!


19 Jan

UntitledSo let me see if I understand this:

$400 bucks for a machine to make sodas at home.

$1 buck a pop for a pop that is 8 oz.

…and a can of soda is like 30 cents if you buy a twelve-pack….

….meh…I will pass.


18 Jan

UntitledA Toronto Blue Jays sticker.   That is the “surprise” in Cracker Jack these days?

wow.  that sucks.


1 Dec

UntitledThe TRUE LEMON brand of products keeps impressing me.   I love their Lemonade.  It’s light and upgrades a normal bottle of water to kick-ass status.

So when I saw this new “Summer Berry Medley” under their Fruit Orchard line I was pretty stoked.

These are sweeter and double the amount of powder from the normal True Lemon products.  This threw me at first because I didn’t think all that needed to go into one bottle.  I thought these for for quart-sized bottles or something.   But no, it’s right as rain because they pack alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll–kinds of flavor into these.

I felt like I was drinking a bottle of super-good-Kool-aid or something.   It’s that damn tasty……without having to clean-up after the Kool-Aid man smashing through my wall for the 1000th time (my insurance company loves me).

This stuff is the bomb!!!




30 Nov

Zaxby's Chicken fingersFrom what I read, Zaxby’s started up in 1990.  Looking through this box and again at that picture I can’t help be reminded of Raising Cane’s…despite the fact that technically Zaxby’s was established first.     I mean chicken tenders…crinkle-cut fries…toast…slaw… it’s all so similar.

Zaxby’s DOES have a clear advantage over Raising Cane’s in that they offer several sauces.  I was never a fan of Cane Sauce (and here come the hate emails and tweets) so the option at Zaxby’s was cool.  I tried the “nuclear” and “insane” options (much like I did in life) and was disappointed in both.  They had some serious heat to them but instead of a cayenne pepper sauce they tasted like a cayenne pepper sauce with a ton of cajun seasoning added.   Nuclear had it in abundance.  Insane had so much I couldn’t even eat it.

The fries are just like Ora-Ida fries I have had many times.  The toast was dry and flavorless.    The chicken itself was good with some nice breading but I can’t say that was enough to get me to ever choose Zaxby’s over Rasing Canes.


25 Nov

Old Chicago Pizza and Tap RoomThis still-kinda-new pizza and beer joint is located in Dallas at the Mockingbird Station shopping area.   It’s design is simple and the staff seemed friendly enough on my recent visit.   I got a small pie to go and what you see is what I got.   It took 20 minutes or so despite the place being pretty empty.

So I was kinda surprised to learn that the “Chicago Thick” style crust on their menu does NOT mean Chicago-style-deep-dish.   Which is what I was expecting.  What I got was the same kind of deep-dish you would expect from say…a Pizza Hut or something.

That doesn’t mean it wasn’t good.   It was a great pan pizza.  One of the best ones I have had in a long time, in fact.  I would totally get it again and eat at this place if I am nearby and craving pizza.    It’s just sort of a head-fake that a place that has “Chicago” in the name..and offers a “Chicago-thick” style pizza….turns out to NOT be deep-dish in that Chicago tradition you might be expecting…so know that going in…and then enjoy some good pizza while you are there.


2015 CHURCH’S Chicken and Waffle Bites

24 Nov

Church's Chicken and Waffle BitesRound two from Church’s and their Chicken and Waffle Bites.   I reviewed them the first time in July here.   The chicken was dry and the waffle crisps were kinda cool and snackable.  (in case you are too lazy to click and read the review).

And this review is so late they probably don’t even offer them anymore but hey.    The chicken again is pretty dry and the color seems WAY off when you compare it next to the waffle bites.   The breading looks super-pale and not appetizing at all.  Makes me think the chicken is raw or under-cooked.

AND the the waffle bites themselves have changed.  Instead of looking like small waffles…these are just round balls of fried dough.  They have a nice flavor to them…like a waffle-hushpuppie or something….and I realize now that my maple dipping sauce was left out of my bag.    Damn.

Strike-two for these from Church’s.


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