6 Jul

UntitledOkay I am exhausted from this past weekend but there are sill a few of these lying around campus.  You may have read the review of the Long Island Iced Tea a few days ago…and while it was okay – these Hurricanes are no joke.  It’s got some serious alcohol content and some pretty decent flavor.  They were quite the hit with the “I don’t like beer” members of the party.

Yes friends these are the modern-day wine coolers.   With a kick.

Of course they do not compare to an actual cocktail Hurricane (and yes I still hold the record of drinking 21 Hurricanes in a day and not being dead…but I digress) they will satisfy your party pals.


26 Jun

UntitledQuikTrip (QT to his friends)  Has stepped up their game so fast and so hard since hitting Texas a few years ago.   Most have converted to the QT Kitchens concept which offers made-to-order items such as pizzas and pretzels and breakfast sammiches.

This $3.49 combo is a killer deal.  You get a 32oz drink of choice and a pretty nice sized slice of pizza.  It’s cheaper than any fast food combo or mall-food-court deal you will find.

It’s also ready to go for most of the day (I think they stop serving it around 10pm) so that is incredibly convenient and the pizza (available in pepperoni and supreme) is pretty good so if you haven’t tried it you should give it a shot the next time you are looking for some cheap eats that will fill you up!


25 Jun

UntitledSo I am in the Powerade camp more often than I am in the Gatorade camp.   It’s nothing personal but I just happen to like certain Powerade flavors better than most Gatorades.

This is not one of those times.

“White Cherry” sounded so good at the time I bought it.  While it does have some cherry-ness to it, it was pretty “whelming”.

Great to down during a workout but not a flavor I would seek out going forward.


24 Jun

UntitledCrunch, thy name is ATHENOS.  Damn these are hardcore crunchified perfection.  For some reason I didn’t expect that from a pita chip.  I think I was expecting light and crisp.   I was satisfied with the texture but the taste?

Kick ass.  If you love garlic.  And I do.  These are some garlicky munchkins.   I have only seen them at Minyard Sun Fresh so far, so maybe they are just super-new.

Either way these are perfect for dipping or making dishes out of because they will not crack under the pressure.  Tough little guys are absolutely snackable on their own as well.

Try them and let me know what you think!


23 Jun

UntitledSo with every summer you can expect a new summer-inspired cocktail or adult beverage to hit the shelves.  This year Bud Light rolls out its MIXX TAIL brand with a Long Island Iced Tea flavored beverage.  With 8% alcohol content, these aren’t ya mamas wine coolers.   These have a bit of a punch.

Being a fan of the LIIT, I was super curious.   The drink itself has an orange hue to it and has some nice flavor but it did not remind me of a LIIT.  It just tasted like a slightly citrus-y mixed drink.

Don’t get me wrong, the sample case we had disappeared in a heartbeat but we are all heavy-drinkers.  ha.  I don’t drink many (none) Bud Light products but I know alot of people who do.  So if I showed up to a party and found these in their cooler I would at least have something pretty decent to drink….before I did the cannonball and got that party started!


22 Jun

UntitledThe Good Humor gang knows you love Girl Scout cookies.  Many, if not most, love Thin Mints.  So creating some Thin Mint ice cream themed items was pretty slick.

These are more like a Klondike, ice cream covered in chocolate, but this has cookie bits in it so that should be more than enough to satisfy all those sweet-tooth-cravings you could have.


19 Jun

UntitledThese are so obvious I am almost shocked it took them this long to roll them out.   These are the “vanilla” wafers that house some very nice and lemon-y “creme”.   Over the years I have seen these made by other companies and they are all pretty groovy but having the name Oreo on them will surely move product.

I love lemon-y flavored things so of course I picked up a few bags to spread around campus.   Anything Oreo goes quite quickly.


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