26 Sep

UntitledOh….my….lord…are these instantly addictive.   WOO!!

It’s such a deceptively simple idea.  Frozen banana slices in dark chocolate with some almond pieces on top.   Four slices to a bag.  These frozen bites are sooooo good.   Banana and dark chocolate are a fantastic flavor blend as it is, but those almonds really do kick it up a bit.  My new favorite snack!!


2 Sep


For as long as I can remember, I have heard people all over the DFW sing the praises of Chicken Express. The fries, the chicken, the rolls…oh the rolls…and the sweet tea.   It is an orgy of deliciousness and it’s absolutely ridiculous that I have lived here this long and NEVER had it.

Well, fans and friends, I have not had it and it’s —-well—- I found it kinda “meh”. I had your basic chicken strip box.  The fries were pretty generic and greasy.  The chicken wasn’t very flavorful and the breading kept falling off.   The ROLLS???  HOLY JESUS them some good rolls!!!!  I would return just for a box of rolls!!!!!!    The sweet tea is pretty damn tasty too but it’s not a place I would have on my go-to list.   It’s just kinda generic.   Tell me what I am missing in the comments below.  Did I order the wrong thing?




1 Sep

UntitledI’m not usually much of a “brownie” person but man these hit the spot and my sweet tooth.

It’s a two-pack of light and chocolate-y brownies with mini M&M’s sprinkled on top.

It’s exactly the kind of sweet-treat that will keep me quiet and make me forget about the drama and idiot-people in my life for awhile.


31 Aug

UntitledTiny Toast.   These represent everything cool about cereal.  It’s a super-simple concept, has a fun shape, is easily recognizable, and has fruit flavor….all the hallmarks of a legendary cereal in the making.   I loved the hell out of both of these.  They are highly snackable (both in and out of a bowl of milk) and they have nice little burst of fruit flavor.   I especially dug the Blueberry.  Slightly reminded me of my beloved BooBerry cereal…which is only available during…..booyah.

From what I read, cereal is on the decline. Kids are eating healthier (probably not by choice) so the “kiddie” cereals we all grew up with might fade away one day.  I hope not.  The whole concept of Tiny Toast is a callback to a simpler time.  When all you needed was a bowl of cereal and a four-hour cartoon block of Tom and Jerry to be happy.


26 Aug

UntitledWell it seems this has been happening for years.  The slow demise of a cool grocery store.  The one-time favorite local and family owned chain has been sold off to FIESTA.  So all remaining Minyards will convert to the FIESTA format in the upcoming weeks.

This story is of no interest to many of my readers I would wager.   They don’t know the rich history of the company.   They only know “Minyard” as that old-ass-busted-run-down-store my grandma loves.   Well she loved it for a reason.   It was family owned.  It wasn’t fussy or pretentious.  They sold things for decent prices and were known for their bakery and pharmacy.   They were one of the first markets to offer things like fresh squeezed orange juice made daily in-store and other convenient items.  It wasn’t fancy or slick or something that tried to be everything to everyone.  It was a simple market.

Over the years that thinking somehow became “dated” and the Walmart effect all but destroyed local businesses.   Take a look around your neighborhood these days.   Chains and corporate clone stores are everywhere.  Gone are the mom and pop shops. Nobody cares but that is an important part of local culture.  Most would argue that this is just progress and only the strong survive.   But I think losing these pieces of our past makes our future boring and less interesting.    Sad.


WHOLE CUTS – Lightly Salted Fries

25 Aug

UntitledThese seem oddly familiar.   Fries as chips……hmmm… I remember whatafries…here….and smart fries…here…and ruffles crispy….and now we have WHOLE CUTS, which are the same thing….essentially big potato sticks…which they still make…and I reviewed here…years ago.

Now this is not to say that they are bad.  They just aren’t new…well…they are for Whole Cuts… but..nevermind.

I like that these are larger in size than all the previous versions.   They have good crunch too.   Lightly salted…they just taste like cold fries that are somehow still crunchy.

UntitledBUT…as you can see when I popped open the bag..there are broken pieces aplenty.  Broken pieces and lots of air in that bag.  I was hoping for a larger portion size….but whattaya gonna do.

But for 1.29 a bag…and several 24 hour burger joints in my area….  I would probably just go get some actual fries if I got a craving.


24 Aug

UntitledSnyder’s is just about your industry standard in pretzels.  Everyone loves them and I see them everywhere.

Salty.  Snackable.  Nice and simple.

They have all these different flavored pretz too that I normally like.

Normally as in…I don’t like this one.  You would think I would but these have a light cheddar dusting that is so mild that its more annoying than flavorful.  The added flavor is so barely there…ugh…I give up on these already.