29 Apr

Awww yeah….It’s Friday and that means it’s time for another episode of Junk Food Critic Mobile Series:  Season Two.  Today Ricky takes on the cheese battle of Cheese Nips VS. Cheez-its.   Ricky also stumbles into a dilemma that we all face on Sundays….at just about 12:38 pm.   Enjoy.


25 Apr

UntitledI love just about anything lemon flavored.

So while sitting in the drive-thru at Church’s I said to myself…self…needs to try these…

They are very light, crumbly, and have a nice little lemon-y glaze to them….and then I realize this is a donut hole basically.   I feel tricked by the name.

But damn, they were still pretty tasty!


22 Apr

 We heard you.   We got the txts, the tweets, the emails, the voicemails, the death-threats, and the singing telegrams.   You wanted MORE Junk Food Critic videos.  You wanted less randomness.  You wanted more graphics, better production value, nicer video, and better sound quality.   You asked for the host to talk more about the actual food and be clearer in what we liked and what we didn’t.   We heard your cries, pleas, and suggestions.

And we reject them all.

JUNK FOOD CRITIC is back in all it’s wacky, crazy, who-knows…..because-the-host-doesn’t-even- know- what- the-hell- is-gonna- happen- each- episode…..GLORY. ENJOY.


21 Apr

UntitledWOW was that a long title or what?

Church’s is steady cranking out new and different takes on their classic menu items.  I like that they are taking chances and being creative.  These Honey-Butter Biscuit Tender are THE BEST chicken I have had from Church’s.

I was told the tenders are made fresh so it would take three minutes, which was fine by me.  I likes me some fresh.

The batter is super-light and crispy/crunchy.  It’s very nice and has a great texture.  I don’t taste Honey-Butter and I see on their website that I was supposed to get a special dipping sauce….which I did not.  These were still great though.   Can’t get over that homestyle…lightness to the batter…not like the inch thick crust you get on some chicken tenders.  These should stay on the menu.   They should also tweak them and make them with a spicy blend and make a savory version.


20 Apr

UntitledBlaze Pizza is one of those build-your-own-assembly-line-pizza places.   The staff at the Arlington location were all super-friendly and helpful with new customers.  The pies were larger than I expected and I think it was around nine bucks which I thought was pretty reasonable considering I had nine toppings.

I have to say that while we (well mostly them…they…) assembled m y pie I could not be happier with how all the ingredients looked. Top drawer.  Super-fresh.   I was getting pretty hyped because this would be my new go-to if they tasted half as good as they looked.

In minutes I paid and was given this masterpiece of my own creation.   I could not wait to tear into this like that Ralph from Rampage.* (it’s a classic video game reference…google it…and keep up kids)

Lordy….Lordy….these toppings…the cheese…the sauce…it’s all so very good. But there is something amiss.   The crust is clearly the weakest link here.  It has a texture of a premade crust and it didn’t rise or change at all during the cooking process.   I was there 45 minutes before they were to close so maybe I just got an older crust or something?    It was just slightly off and torpedoed an otherwise perfect pie.


31 Mar

UntitledHere is a photo from a burger place we reviewed recently.  The burger was almost raw inside.  The fries were cold.  The onion rings were good though.   Despite it being suggested as an “awesome burger joint in Dallas” by many of our fans…. it absolutely sucked.  The staff was rude and we were just disappointed all around.

But to some people, this is their favorite burger of all time.  That’s fine, I just didn’t have that same experience.  So instead of dragging the joint into the mud I just say I tried it…I didn’t like it.



30 Mar

Untitledoh snap…these are good!  These are light and crispy and have such good flavor.  They also remind me that:

A.  I don’t eat apples often but I like them.  Weird.

B.  I love the taste of cinnamon and apple together.

C.  Fruit can be chips….and delicious.

D.  Must keep snacking……nom nom nom…soo addictive


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