24 Apr

UntitledA few years back this building was a new Del Taco.  I had only visited a handful of times before it closed about a year after it was built.

In swoops Krispy Kreme Donuts.   I seem to remember them having a steady stream of cars for a while.  Then it trailed off.

So I drive by today and notice they have taken down all signage and are gutting the place.

Maybe third time will be the charm for this location?  This town could use some more Hardee’s / Carl’s Jr.  Maybe that could go there.


23 Apr

UntitledGreat Googly Moogly this is so close….that I just wanna lay down and cry.

Once upon a time – B&J made the most incredible ice cream ….in the history of ever.   It was Chocolate Ice Cream with Peanut Butter Cookie dough in it.   Read about my love affair with it here.  …and of course it was discontinued.

Seeing this freaks me out because it is SO close to that original ice cream.  This is also promising because it tells me they still have the ingredients to make the one I want brought back…should they ever grant my wishes and do so.

That being said — this Peanut Butter Half Baked is an absolute dream if you love chocolate and peanut butter.   The ice creams are rich and the textures from the cookie dough and the brownie bring some serious chew and additional joy to this absolute assault on your taste buds.    And of course it…like the original flavor I loved…is limited.  So you have just enough time to get seriously addicted to it before they drop it off the Earth.


22 Apr

UntitledFull disclosure:  I am slightly disappointed as I write this because I was expecting these crackers to give me some sort of superpowers.   Turns out FUNLEY’s thinks eating healthy is a superpower.  Go Figure.

Aside from that hiccup, these are actually some pretty tasty crackers.   They have a slightly toasted taste and texture to them so I know they are baked instead of fried.  Which is totally fine.   These have “hidden” additional nutrition to them in the form of added carrot and tomato. I don’t instantly think “pizza” when I crunch on these but I am satisfied with the flavors I am getting.   Probably could have used some oregano in there to really hit home that pizza-ness.

Most “healthy” or “better than…” type crackers usually end up being flavorless cardboard snacks that you need glasses of water to wash down.    These were actually kinda addictive and highly snackable.   Would totally get these again.


21 Apr

UntitledYes I am quite aware that Easter has passed.  But these things are a quarter now per four pack and I realized that I have never actually had one.   Until today.  They just seemed like egg-shaped Valentine candy to me so I never took the time to actually have one.

Until today.  Thinking I am gonna make a mess trying to take bites out of this thing….I just popped the whole egg in the mouth and bit down.

Wow.   This is pretty creamy chocolate.   The “creme” inside is super-sweet and rich.    I totally see why people fight other these now.   Although I do wish they were made of dark chocolate.  Why didn’t anyone tell me about these things???!?!?!?!

CEC Revisited

20 Apr

UntitledIt was way back in 2012 when I talked about the revamped offerings at Chuck E. Cheese.  You can read that old stuff here.

As a kid I loved Chuck’s pizza.  (Yeah yeah yeah…I have heard all my life how much it sucked…but I liked it…so let’s continue)

When they revamped in 2012 I was actually impressed.  It tasted even better than the original….artisan, even.  Admittedly I only tried the pizza because I figured they wouldn’t DARE mess with their kick-ass “Italian Breadsticks”.

Sigh…and of course that means they screwed with the breadsticks.  On my most recent visit I got pizza and the ‘stix.   What I got is up and to the left.   If you are thinking it looks like CRAZY BREAD from Little Caesar’s you are thinking the same thing I was.  They were doughy and not even close to the originals.   I am not happy.

But at least there is the new pizza……

UntitledAnd here we go…I think they have changed their pizza again.   Gone are the slight char-marks and the cheese blend.   The zesty sauce and the pepperoni with a kick.  What I got here was a dry crusted pie.   That almost seemed like a defrosted dough-disk topped with some slightly tomato-y sauce and your basic cheese and pepperoni.   A far cry from the happy-surprise that was the pizza back in 2012.

Will it be another three years before I set foot in a CEC again???


17 Apr

UntitledOkay these are interesting.  They are egg-shaped and on the bag Chester Cheetah is carrying an Easter basket.   So I am guessing they are for a limited time only.

(disclaimer:  the bag actually says Limited Time on them)

SHUT UP Disclaimer-guy!

Anyway  these are very light and fluffy with a slight crunch.   I love cinnamon and sugar together and these are so light you can pop a bunch of them before even realizing you have had nine handfuls.

They remind me of the Cinnamon Crispas from Taco bell…just lighter.

I don’t think I would fancy these all the time as a sweet snack but I do think they would be a perfect topper for some kind of a dessert.  Like an ice cream sundae build on a mountain of these or on some fro-yo.


16 Apr

UntitledOh, Mama.  How I tried to take everything into consideration.

I chose to oven-bake this pie instead of microwave.   In hopes to ensure an even cook.  Give the crust a chance to breathe and expand.  Not be dull, chewy, or horrible like most microwave pizzas.

I wanted the cheese to get distributed heat so it could gently melt and mix with the sauce and pepperoni to make a nice and tasty blend of ingredients.

I wanted to allow the pepperoni time to release some juices and crisp-up a little under the roasting temperature of a real oven.

UntitledAnd this is what I ended up with.  Mama Celeste, where did it all go wrong?  The cheese is yellow and orange.  My pie looks nothing like the one on the box.   The crust is hard and crunchy.   The sauce is invisible.  The pepperoni is fighting to sort this whole thing out.

I gave you my best mama, but now I gotta let you go.    I had such high hopes.  All my friends to the north told me so many childhood stories of how you came through in a pinch and filled their bellies with yummy pizza goodness back then.


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