TIM TAM – Original

27 Mar

UntitledI am sure you have all been asking yourselves, “What is Junk Food Critic’s favorite cookie”?

It’s a question that shall bother you no longer.   It is, dear reader, the mighty-mighty TIM TAM.

Did you know that the Oreo is America’s most popular cookie?

Well in Australia, it’s the TIM TAM – also known as an Arnott’s Original.

It’s chocolate, on chocolate, on chocolate.   It’s absolutely fantastic and I can’t sing their praises loudly or often enough.   The knife is in the picture as a subtle reminder to NOT try to take one of my Tim Tams while I am busy telling you how great these are.  These are just heavenly and up until about a year ago the only place that carried them was World Market.   Thankfully Target has decided to now carry them as well and they are always an instant purchase whenever I find them.

And one day I will teach you the Tim Tam Slam.  It will change your life.  Forever.

QuikTrip Personal Pepperoni Pizza

26 Mar

UntitledThis website has been lucky enough to get a pile of hits when I did the QT pizza slices story awhile back.  So I figured I would update you on the other pizza offering they have.

I loved the slices because they are pretty reasonable (3.25 with tax per slice) for a huge wedge.   So originally I was just thinking I was good.  Why would I need a personal pizza.

Well driving home one night I was absolutely famished.  They didn’t have any slices ready.  I guess the discouragement on my face was obvious because one of the QT people said “If you don’t mind waiting we can get you a personal pizza in just a couple of minutes!”   Okay cool.  They are always so friendly at QT.

I also didn’t know they made these pizzas fresh—- DESPITE THE SIGNS EVERYWHERE IN THE STORE TELLING ME MADE FRESH TO ORDER– I figured it was just a warmed-up frozen pie.   Oh no.  They pulled out a crust, topped it fresh with sauce, cheese, and pepperoni.

I am at a gas station where they are making me a pizza right there.   Made to order.   Into the turbo oven it goes and in a couple of minutes I have what you see.  I believe it’s an eight or nine-inch pie and it is just as good, and probably exactly the same, as the ingredients used for the slices.    It’s $4.99 plus tax and it’s filling.  Nice little char on the pepperoni, lots of gooey cheese, a nice tomato-tangy sauce and a solid crust.  It’s actually quite good.

So now I have two options and love them both.  I got the slices when I am just in a “snacky” mood and the full-on personal pie when I am wanting a lunch or dinner.


25 Mar

UntitledI gotta admit the marketing and flavor choices here are fun and funky enough for a purchase already.

The Food Truck “thing” is still alive and well here in the DFW even though I don’t hear it promoted as much.

So Pringles trying to keep their finger on the pulse of food trends is a pretty clever idea with their line of “Food Truck Flavors”.

Cheeseburger Pringles???

I don’t get an overwhelming cheese flavor.   What I am getting up front is a mustard-y and pickle flavoring.   It’s kooky and weird and I kinda like them!

I would totally get one of those basketball or football shaped party bowls and dump about six of the tubes in there for a watching party.  These are a great conversation piece and have enough quirky flavor to them to keep you reaching for handful after handful.


20 Mar

UntitledMan, oh man, Little Caesar’s is on to something with this one!!  Everyone is tweeting, talking, and destroying this new pizza.  It’s a monster-hit!!!!

I bought a few for a taste test and I have never seen people bowl each other over more than when those boxes opened.  Who knew bacon-crust would light the world on fire?

Pizza. Pizza.   And even though it is a Limited Time Offer- and slightly gimmick-y….it is some seriously good pizza.  Caesar’s pan-pan is my favorite style they have – and the addition of some simple bacon to the normal pepperoni takes it to another level.   This thing rocks!!!

When you DO break down and try this, I warn you.  You are going to run out fast.   So I would buy TWO (at least) because it’s soooooo  good that it is going to disappear fast.


19 Mar

UntitledAs long as I have lived here I have heard one thing, when it comes to ‘cue, over and over:

Sonny Bryan’s.  Sonny Bryan’s.  Sonny Bryan’s.

And as long as I have lived here, for some reason, I just never got around to  trying them.   Until now.

They have a nice selection of meats and sides but I saw they had a combo rib/chicken platter and thought that was genius.   Serve it up!

What arrived was some of the smallest chicken wings I had ever seen.   They were showered in a pedestrian sauce that had some decent kick but pretty generic.  I was dumbfounded.  Switching to the ribs I found there to be a lot of meat on them-there bones— although mostly dried-out tasting.   It was like they had been sitting in a hot tray or something for a little while.  The BBQ sauce was nice and tangy, and necessary to keep these ribs hydrated and moving.  Honestly I have had better tasting ribs purchased out front of a local grocery store.

Overall I was kind of at a loss.   Just stopped in my tracks.   Is this another case of ordering the wrong thing again?  Not to be rude or say the food was horrible (it wasn’t) but I just don’t get it.  The reputation of this place is a MONSTER.  What I got was meek.


18 Mar

UntitledBeanitos is an odd-duck for some folks.  They can’t get their heads around the idea that the chip is made from beans instead of corn.

I say who cares?  If it tastes good, bring on the beans!!

And these do taste good, but aren’t my favorite from their product line.  They have some nice cheese flavor to them but I don’t find them “nacho-y” enough.   I need more spice or kick to them.   If they could ratchet that up a little you would have a chip that could seriously take a shot at the Doritos title.

Still a nice chip though.  Good texture and crunch factor.


17 Mar

UntitledThis may be my favorite place to get a burger in Dallas.  Above the stove there is a sign.  You might not be able to see it.   It says:


Okay, I am already in love with this place.   Record Grill is a TINY joint in the West End area near a parking lot.  Just a few blocks away from Dealy Plaza.  People often mistake the place for the parking lot attendant booth because it is so small.

Inside there are a few tables and a counter with some built-in stools.   It probably holds 25 people, max.   It’s typical diner fare served with smiles and friendly people.

The burger and fries are so simple and quite good.  My only complaint was the burger patty is on the thinner side, so if you are hungry just be sure to order the double.  Fries were excellent.  It’s just a refreshing change from the Chipotle-mustard-Honey-Ranch-Angus-Cheddar-Bacon-Brie-Kool-aid-Pickles-Hoagie-artisan-gourmet-flashy-burgers that we are constantly hit over the head with these days.

Does anyone in Dallas make a good old-fashioned kick-ass cheeseburger anymore?

Yeah.  They do.  At the Record Grill.   And have done so for decades.   This place is known for their burgers and breakfast.   It’s also a fantastic place to people watch because you get the tourists, the people from the courts buildings nearby and the locals that know this is the spot.

Atmosphere, while not on the menu, is free and there is plenty.   This place actually feels like a movie set.   Or the type of place you would see in a movie.   It’s a classic and they have every intention of keeping it that way.  I love it and the food.   Viva La Record Grill!!


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