2 Oct

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Olivia is back with another JFC Mobile episode.   Today we let our pizza junkie loose in the grocery store to find out who makes the best microwave pizza.  Which pie will win the heart of our lovely pizza-princess?  Check it out below!!


1 Oct


This is GENIUS.

At first glance, seeing that this package of Twinkies came with Minion stickers…I was kinda like …meh…

I mean I guess it’s cool to dress up the Twinkie but I am not in the mood for dressing-up Twinkies.

BUT…. upon closer inspection, I notice the stickers are EDIBLE!!!

Yeah you can build a Minion and then eat the damn thing!

Now that’s COOL!


30 Sep

UntitledOh my these look tasty.   Ice cream bar in the flavor of cake batter rolled in what looks to be Fruity Pebbles?  Yes please!!!

They looked just as nice in person (sorry no photo) but trust me they looked just like the photo.

The only problem is the bar itself.  It does taste like cake batter….but it doesn’t have the consistency of ice cream.  It actually has the consistency of what I would think almost-but-not-quite-frozen-cake batter would taste like.

The consistency of this throws the whole thing off for me.   it’s almost chewy.  Chewy ice cream?    uh…..no.    A shame too because I thought this one was gonna be a homerun.


29 Sep


Here is a bit of an odd duck in today’s snack-chip climate.    NO flavor.   Well…there is the flavor from the potato and the cooking process but NO SALT or other seasoning of any kind.

If you are on a low-sodium diet, these are you only option really if you want some chips.

Otherwise I am not sure who these are for because without ANY seasoning…even a bit of salt??? They are SUPER-BLAND.

Nice and solid crunch…but wow…bland.

#1fan review:  QT BREAKFAST PIZZA

28 Sep

UntitledWe got fans.  Several handfuls of fans even.   Our number one fan is a guy we call “Babba Ganoush”.    He reads and emails us a lot about food here in the DFW.   We find him pretty funny.    He sent in a review of his own so here it is….

Ok JFC fans, it’s breakfast time! What’dya want? Sausage gravy and biscuits? Scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon? How about… All of it. QT is a staple for the JFC crew and their breakfast pizza ain’t no light lunch. Roll those biscuits out, use the gravy for a sauce and top it with sausage, bacon and cheese.
This isn’t for those that never liked their peas and mashed taters touching on the plate, but the QT kitchen makes them all blend really well. If it’s after 6AM and before the regular pizza comes out the oven– look for these breakfast monsters.


25 Sep

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Friday brings us another episode of our mobile series hosted by the ever-cool Olivia.   Today Olivia samples some of the breadstick sammiches from Olive Garden.   Chicken Parm and Meatball.  Which will be her favorite?

Then it’s a quick jaunt to the local Sprouts to load up on the most amazing gummie bears ever developed for mankind.    Join her on her adventure, won’t you?  Click the pic or check it out below


24 Sep


Now you know I loves me some lemonade.   So walking around the Wal-Mart deli section (which seems to be a contradiction) I noticed this “Marketside” brand of drinks (that are sorta hard to find so I don’t see them selling many if they keep them hidden like this) and there is a lemonade?  And it’s 88 cents??  SOLD.

It’s not overly sweet, or acidic, or tangy.  It’s kinda mild and I was burning up hot and thirsty so it was smooth and perfect.

Did I mention it’s 88 cents?  Might have to pick up another couple of these now that I am reflecting on it.


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