JFC Mobile Series: Episode Two

28 Aug

wordpress JFC featured image logoOlivia takes you inside the local H-mart to find her beloved Japanese Kit Kats and then she walks every single inch of IKEA in search of their infamous meatballs.

Check back every Friday and see what wacky antics Olivia is up to!

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27 Aug


//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsSomeone please explain to me how I ended up with four cases of this in the booze fridge (and yes there is a designated booze fridge at this crib….stop judging me) after this weekend?  I didn’t buy it and I certainly didn’t see anyone bring it in.  I have GOT to review my security cameras.

That being said, I tried it.  And it’s not that it’s bad, it’s apple-y and all but there is something missing.   Maybe it would be a great mixer for something.

Anyway next time I see you, I might have a few of these to hand-off so don’t be surprised.


26 Aug

Untitled//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsWhen I heard that Capri Sun came in a larger size – with different flavors – in packages that were red, green, and blue…I was interested full-time.

A blue Capri Sun?   Maui Cooler?  Yes please!!

And okay Capri sun…mistake number one —because this Capri Sun is sorta apple juice color…NOT blue.

Not being blue is hurtful.   I was so excited.  I loves blue dranks.  Yeah I said dranks.

As for the “maui cooler” part…it sorta just tastes like apple juice with maybe a little something extra to it.   Maui Cooler makes me think tropical or island flavors.  Mango or Pineapple or Coconut or something….so disappointed here.


25 Aug


//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsYes yes I am what, a decade late to the Combos party?   Come see come saw.

These pepperoni cracker Combos are pretty snappy.   They have all the requisite flavors you would expect and desire here.   These things have hard-crunch going for them for certain.

Out of the three I have tried these are probably my second favorite.

  1.  Pretzel and cheese
  2. pepperoni
  3. pizzeria

All are great but that pretzel and cheese is hard to beat.   It’s the bomb.

But I gets me some pizza cravings pretty regularly so these hit that spot can keep my powder dry for a while.


24 Aug

Sprouts Gummi Bears

Okay let’s get this right, straight away…I don’t even like Gummy Bears.  They are usually too damn hard to chew and the flavor fades faster than Fruit Stripe gum.

But these here Gummies????? THESE GUMMIES?????  From Sprouts grocery store??????

I don’t know who and I don’t care who brought them into the JFC compound but they are going fast.   These things are FANTASTIC.   They have the perfect consistency (not too chewy and hard) and they have great color and some knock-out flavors packed in each bite.

Hear me now, I LOVE these damn Gummies from SPROUTS.  They were like 5 bucks a pound or something on the label here but they are SOOOOOO good.

Did I mention I don’t even LIKE gummie candy?  These are a whole new ballgame.

JFC Mobile Series – Episode One

21 Aug

The adventure begins here!!!   We are pleased to present to you episode one of our new “mobile” Junk Food Critic show hosted by Olivia.   The mobile show is a condensed (usually around 2 minute) JFC feature, skit, or review.  Episodes are designed to provide you with some bite-sized bits of randomness when you need a little break.

For her first assignment we challenged Olivia to find something to eat from any fast food restaurant for a dollar (including tax).

Not one to play around, Olivia picked out three taco joints and the challenge was on!  Taco(s) Cabana and Bueno weren’t of much help but Taco Bell was a virtual buffet of items you could mix-n-mash into your own creation and still stay under that dollar budget.

Check back next Friday for Olivia’s next adventure!!

Thanks for watching!


20 Aug

Wing Street Hot BBQ

So I find myself back at WingStreet and this time I am going with the SPICY BBQ.

As I have said before, I like the size and taste of the chicken chunks (bone-out) that they serve at WingStreet but I have yet to find a sauce I am really crazy about.  I figure if they were to overhaul their sauce selection they could really be a top contender in the wing game.

This SPICY BBQ is probably the best sauce I have had so far.  It’s a rich and thick sauce that is just slightly sweet with some heat on the back-end.   It wasn’t until the last bite that I noticed that heat had snuck up on me.   Overall a good taste and lots of flavor but still not quite the ‘WOw” factor I am looking for.  Again I say, the best I have had yet.

BUT now that I found this sauce I at least have a fallback sauce while I continue searching for their best.


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