31 Jul

UntitledHoly Smokes these are killer!!!!!!!   You know I am not that much of a regular customer at Taco Bell but these might change all that.

These pastries are rolled in Cap’n Crunch berries and have a warm filling inside each bite.

Absolutely genius idea here.   Best item on the menu.


30 Jul

UntitledYes, in my entire life, I have never tried Bugles until this day.  I have heard over and over and over how great they were.  A real addictive snacker, these Bugles.  So I am told.

And I just don’t get it.   I found them dry and pedantic.  Like seriously, besides the shape, what am I missing?



29 Jul

UntitledAnother 99 cent bargain from the Walgreens.   This is a blend of peanuts, raisins, banana chips, mango, pineapple, and cashews.   Kinda of a different blend than I see normally in trail mixes and the go together well.   This is another great item from that “Nice!” brand that you can throw in a bag or keep in your desk when those snack-attacks hit you.


28 Jul

UntitledOkay stop looking at me like I am crazy.  I didn’t even know this existed until yesterday.

The lady at CFA said “would you like any sauce” and what she actually said was “Do you want to try our Chick-fil-a sauce”.


Now most of the JFC gang loves this sauce.  It’s mild and has a nice and easy flavor.  But I can’t figure out why….ohhh  here we go…a look at the ingredients tell me this is a mustard/bbq/mayo type sauce…..

….and I hate mayo.    But if you love mayo or the mix I just described give it shot and tell me how wrong I am.


27 Jul

UntitledOkay I no idea this had any sort of TEA in it.  And I didn’t care.  This thing is so tangy and fruity and killer.  I haven’t been a fan of much of their recent food additions but their drinks continue to stay fresh and flavorful.

This is my new favorite thing at Wendy’s.  They also have an Orange/Mango and Blackberry Lemonade so stay tuned for those.


14 Jul

UntitledOne dollar, I say.   I don’t eat often at Mickey D’s these days (no chicken bites…no chicken selects….no me showing up) but I was actually there to try a different item (see what I did there – I teased you so you have to come back and see what the other product is later this week)

and I realized I don’t think I have ever had a “mcchicken”.   Now dear friends you know I loves me some chicken, so to think I haven’t tried this before and…

(note- you have tried it — the spicy version anyway- and reviewed it two separate times because you are so goofy you forgot you already reviewed it the first time- hint:  you kinda liked it – both times–you are welcome –sincerely–JFC research staff)

so uh… yeah.   Anyway I ordered this sans mayo and mountain of lettuce and it’s a decent snack…this is all sounding familiar now.   Anyway it’s a buck and it tastes better than the burger of the same size.   So try it.  Or don’t.   Chances are I will forget I wrote this review in a few weeks anyway and will review it again in six months so stay tuned!

WINGSTREET – Garlic Parmesan

13 Jul

UntitledPizza Hut was so smart for starting up WingStreet all those years ago.   They saw a trend coming and they rode the wave all the way to shore.  Bone-in / Bone-out / you name it and they will give it to ya.

In the past I have tried their wings and sauces and never found one that I truly fell in love with.

Today was no exception.   Garlic Parmesan is a favorite flavor at many wing joints so I figured it was a solid choice.    What I got was some pretty decent bone-out pieces of chicken…with some parm cheese shook on them….followed by a heavy dousing in what seemed to be some sort of salad dressing or something.    It’s a light and creamy type sauce that just weighed down and made the crispy crusts on the chicken pieces turn soggy.  Real quick.  I managed to separate the pieces into the other side of the container and salvage half the order.   Again, like the chicken, haven’t found a sauce yet.   The search continues.


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