22 May

UntitledI have shouted from the rooftops…my love for these here chips.   They is KILLER, yo!

I finally got the chance to taste the flavor I was craving even before I tried them… Marinara.

These babes are crispy and light and have a superb blend of tomato, herb, and spice flavoring to them.

Highly snackable and addictive as all get out.   These might be my favorite chip of 2015.

Oh yeah… you heard it here first…. seek them out!!    I have found them at Minyard Sun Fresh Market (for 3.99) and Walmart (for 2.99).     So yeah… pick them up at Walmart and save a buck.   They aren’t in the chip department – they are by the fresh deli stuff at Walmart so you gotta dig around until you find them but they are SOOOO worth it!


21 May

UntitledOkay I am doing this the exact opposite way of how I wanted to do things.   I stumbled on to Cloverhill’s Big Texas Cinnamon Roll awhile back and was blown away at how good it was.

I had plans to review it but never took a photo.

Now I find they have an Apple Danish…and I was smart enough to photo it for review.

Wow this is seriously good.  It’s tastes similar to the cinnamon roll but with the added bonus of the rich and tasty apple filling added.

I bet these are UH-MAY-ZING if heated in the microwave or toaster over for a little bit.

Movie Time Robbery

20 May

UntitledI don’t go to the movies much these days.   But a recent trip reminded me just exactly what I am NOT missing about the theater experience.

While standing in-line at the credit-counter to see if my credit score would allow me to afford a snack…I was encouraged by the amount of new items you can have.   Mixed cocktails (10 bucks..yeesh) pizzas and other stuff I haven’t seen lately.  Haven’t seen and will more than likely never try because the prices are INSANE.

My ticket was 10 bucks.   A water (WATER) and small popcorn cost more than the admission price.   That is just silly.  $20.24 to sit through 20 mins of PRE-PREVIEWS and then another 20 mins of PREVIEWS and then a pretty disappointing flick (Avengers: Age of Ultron…that’s right.  I said it) with a room full of talking-through-the-entire-film-phones-ringing-people-texting-and-checking-facebook-while-the-movie-is-playing….drama.


18 May

UntitledYes, yes…I have lived most of my life and never had COMBOS until recently.   So I have been trying to make up for lost time. Today it’s Pizzeria Pretzels.   MMMmmmm sounds good.

And these are strangely interesting and addictive.   They have a solid crunch and the pretzel taste is perfect.    The cheese-filling inside has the notes you would expect: garlic, tomato, cheese, onion, and some other spices.

I am usually not a fan of pizza-flavored snacks but these are pretty decent.   The bag didn’t last long on campus.

Would totally buy these again.   Nice snacky-snack.


15 May

UntitledDum Dums have to be the most simplistic, fun, and just overall coolest candy around.   There is flavors for every taste.  The colors are bold and bright just like the flavors.    They are ultimately portable and did I mention cool?

There is a bank that I frequent that offers these to their customers.   I can’t tell you how many people I have seen gaze over that bowl and sort through all the variety…looking for their favorites.  They all have smirks on their faces and faces like they have just remembered a secret.

More likely, that tiny pop is capable of something magical.   It can always transport me (and obviously others) back in time to when all things seemed to have more color and flavor.


14 May

UntitledKFC has these new Popcorn Chicken Nuggets….which are slightly larger than the previous “popcorn chicken” they used to sell.

This is a good thing because there is more actual chicken in these.   But there are still several pieces (in my batch at least) that were more breading that meat.

Still some good flavorings here and the box was stuffed full of these bite sized bits.

Available now….and for a limited time?  who knows.


13 May

UntitledPopeye’s has a knack for coming up with these promotional offerings that never cease to get me back in their drive-thru.

This time around it’s RED STICK CHICKEN.

It’s your basic Popeye’s chicken strips that have been seasoned with tobasco peppers.  You can even see the difference as the chicken has a tinge of orange/red coloring to it.

I enjoyed them but I didn’t find them any more spicy than say …their normal spicy strips.   They just seemed darker in color.  And for the third day in a row…we cover a product only available for a limited time!!!!!!!! woo!!!!!!!


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