17 Apr

UntitledOkay these are interesting.  They are egg-shaped and on the bag Chester Cheetah is carrying an Easter basket.   So I am guessing they are for a limited time only.

(disclaimer:  the bag actually says Limited Time on them)

SHUT UP Disclaimer-guy!

Anyway  these are very light and fluffy with a slight crunch.   I love cinnamon and sugar together and these are so light you can pop a bunch of them before even realizing you have had nine handfuls.

They remind me of the Cinnamon Crispas from Taco bell…just lighter.

I don’t think I would fancy these all the time as a sweet snack but I do think they would be a perfect topper for some kind of a dessert.  Like an ice cream sundae build on a mountain of these or on some fro-yo.


16 Apr

UntitledOh, Mama.  How I tried to take everything into consideration.

I chose to oven-bake this pie instead of microwave.   In hopes to ensure an even cook.  Give the crust a chance to breathe and expand.  Not be dull, chewy, or horrible like most microwave pizzas.

I wanted the cheese to get distributed heat so it could gently melt and mix with the sauce and pepperoni to make a nice and tasty blend of ingredients.

I wanted to allow the pepperoni time to release some juices and crisp-up a little under the roasting temperature of a real oven.

UntitledAnd this is what I ended up with.  Mama Celeste, where did it all go wrong?  The cheese is yellow and orange.  My pie looks nothing like the one on the box.   The crust is hard and crunchy.   The sauce is invisible.  The pepperoni is fighting to sort this whole thing out.

I gave you my best mama, but now I gotta let you go.    I had such high hopes.  All my friends to the north told me so many childhood stories of how you came through in a pinch and filled their bellies with yummy pizza goodness back then.


15 Apr

UntitledI love Neapolitan ice cream.  It makes me feel like I am totally ripping off the ice cream company.  I mean I am getting THREE flavors for the price of ONE – HAHAHAHAHAh!!!

(disclaimer:  actually despite the container containing three equal parts of ithree different flavors of ice cream, in reality, those three amounts actually equal one single container of ice cream.  So you are not actually getting away with anything.)

Hey disclaimer.  Shut your mouth!

So when I see the Klondike in Neapolitan I am thinking GENIUS!!!!!!!!!   I couldn’t wait to get home and open one of these.

What would you do for a Klondike bar?  How about —actually almost running over an ice cream truck in my neighborhood because I blew the stop sign trying to get home before these Klondikes start to melt???

Yeah.  top that.

So these are still freezer fresh and I unwrap and take a bite.   Taste tells me I have struck the Strawberry side of things first.   Which is great because I love Strawberry.  But here it seems a little off.  Like a little too much artificial flavoring or something.   It’s just not the flavor I want.   I skip around the bar to the other side and catch me some chocolate and some vanilla and both of those are great.   But I think after this box I will go back to the original Klondike.


14 Apr

UntitledSo Mickey D’s took the only sammich I liked on their menu (the Chick-fil-a knock-off-Southwest Chicken Sandwich) and introduced a new chicken sammich– The Artisan Grilled Chicken Sammich.   So I tried it.

The bun is very good.  I am guessing that is the “artisan” part.   The lettuce and tomato are …lettuce and tomato.

The chicken – which you can see doesn’t even cover half the bun…is pretty decent.   It tastes like a chicken breast with some Italian salad dressing on it.   It’s not bad actually.

But for around four bucks it’s not a good deal to me.   The chicken portion I got (and this could be an anomaly) was way too small.   In the photo it might seem like the lettuce is covering the chicken, and it is, but as you can see from the bottom right — it doesn’t even stretch across the entire bun.   This felt like half a sandwich.   Ordered as a combo I think it’s around seven dollars and change and that is just too much.  For that I could get something more substantial somewhere else.


13 Apr

UntitledSo you KNOW I love me some Hot Wings.   If ya didn’t know, now you know.  Dig it?

The other day I am at KFC and I remember they serve hot wings.   It has been a LONG time since I have had them.   I believe the last time was when they were the Honey BBQ wings and I loved them because they were so rich and sticky-sweet and bbq-y…just a big ol’ mess of goodness.

I didn’t see the Honey BBQ anymore on the menu (of course) so I ordered your basic wings.   What you see is what I got.    At first I figured they messed up the order – those look like big boneless wings.    But no, it is indeed, their hot wings.

Under all that crunch and breadding is some heat but not much actual chicken.   I was sort of wishing I had just ordered some regular sized pieces of chicken and used some hot sauce.    They were decent but not very satisfying.  I was sort of surprised by this actually.


7 Apr

UntitledSo now that Easter is gone you can stock up on all the discounted candy.

One of the things you might wanna check out is the Lemon Cake Egg.

Yeah… it’s a flavor combination I didn’t consider inviting at first.

But…I love Lemon…and I love Dark Chocolate so how bad could it be?

I suppose I could call the consistency of the lemon “insides” as more of a “cake dough” rather than spongy cake type texture   It’s soft and chewy and actually pretty damn good.   Dark chocolate and lemon….who knew??

I only bought one and if my luck holds, I will end up going to 42 different Walgreen’s (where I found this one) trying to scoop up any left over stock before it disappears.

PLUM Pizza Minis – Cheese and Pepperoni

6 Apr

UntitledI have seen these dozens of times at my local Target.  Never bought them because…I would just buy a full-sized pizza.  Duh.

But shopping today I am (A) hungry (B) these look so good on the package, and (C) I have a gaming marathon planned so these will come in handy.

If I devour a whole box of these, somehow I reason, I will not feel as gluttonous as I might if I demolished a whole pie.

Just go with it.

So if you make the “OK” symbol with your fingers…and separate the pointer finger from your thumb a scootch… you will get the size of these things.   I call them “poppers” because you can pop one in your mouth and not have to hit pause on the game or lose your place in the action.

These have some nice flavors to them.   They obviously are alot better looking than some Totino’s Pizza rolls but then again you get more in a bag for about the same price I think.

If you have kids or a small party going on, these would be a nice go-to move for a quick bite that would satisfy.


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