25 Nov

Old Chicago Pizza and Tap RoomThis still-kinda-new pizza and beer joint is located in Dallas at the Mockingbird Station shopping area.   It’s design is simple and the staff seemed friendly enough on my recent visit.   I got a small pie to go and what you see is what I got.   It took 20 minutes or so despite the place being pretty empty.

So I was kinda surprised to learn that the “Chicago Thick” style crust on their menu does NOT mean Chicago-style-deep-dish.   Which is what I was expecting.  What I got was the same kind of deep-dish you would expect from say…a Pizza Hut or something.

That doesn’t mean it wasn’t good.   It was a great pan pizza.  One of the best ones I have had in a long time, in fact.  I would totally get it again and eat at this place if I am nearby and craving pizza.    It’s just sort of a head-fake that a place that has “Chicago” in the name..and offers a “Chicago-thick” style pizza….turns out to NOT be deep-dish in that Chicago tradition you might be expecting…so know that going in…and then enjoy some good pizza while you are there.


2015 CHURCH’S Chicken and Waffle Bites

24 Nov

Church's Chicken and Waffle BitesRound two from Church’s and their Chicken and Waffle Bites.   I reviewed them the first time in July here.   The chicken was dry and the waffle crisps were kinda cool and snackable.  (in case you are too lazy to click and read the review).

And this review is so late they probably don’t even offer them anymore but hey.    The chicken again is pretty dry and the color seems WAY off when you compare it next to the waffle bites.   The breading looks super-pale and not appetizing at all.  Makes me think the chicken is raw or under-cooked.

AND the the waffle bites themselves have changed.  Instead of looking like small waffles…these are just round balls of fried dough.  They have a nice flavor to them…like a waffle-hushpuppie or something….and I realize now that my maple dipping sauce was left out of my bag.    Damn.

Strike-two for these from Church’s.


23 Nov

UntitledOk sweet-drink fans, you know I loves me some LEMONADE.   Love it.  Love it.  Love it.   Never been a big apple juice fan but that Martinelli’s Apple juice is simply delicious.

So whens I sees (that’s how I talk…I write likes I talks…sometimes) they have the Lemonades…I get’s excited.

DESPITE the fact I tried their Watermelon Lemonade and didn’t much care for it….I am hyped for good-ol-regular-lemonades….ades…ades…

And I am taken aback by how much I am not in love with this.  It’s lemon-y and tart and sweet but has an “off” taste to it.   It’s odd to me and I can’t explain it.   And I can’t add it to my shopping list for next week.


20 Nov


//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsGood LORD, why hasn’t anyone ever told me about these before????   I mean DAMN…I like the regular ones already but these got some FLAVOR / HEAT and that great texture?   Hells Yeah.   This bag was demolished in a ten minute car ride.


19 Nov

Untitled//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsThis seems so crazy it might work.  This also seems like Dudley’s Shake-an-egg but that’s at Easter.   But these are chickens and they do come from eggs so maybe I ain’t so crazy.

I never liked Mickey D’s nuggets.   Just don’t.  They taste weird to me.  But they this new thing where you can ask for flavor packets and then you dump the packet into a bag along with the nugs and shake the hell out of it and you get what you see in the pic.   Dusted Nugs.

Now this totally make them taste waaaaaayyy better than before…but not good enough that I would order them often.

I did have fun shaking the bag though.   I looked insane sitting in the Mickey D’s.   I also seemed to be the first person to ever order it because when I asked for it the cashier looked at me like “do we even sell that?”  I had to remind them twice for it and then they even had to ask someone where the shake-stuff was.  wow.


18 Nov


//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsSo I am at Jimmy’s Food Store in Dallas picking up some things and this sign tells me to take a pic.   So I do.

(see pic)

Now I have never had LaSanga before and it looks like they sold-out of it anyways but now I am dying to know what LaSanga is.

Have you tried it?

Someone get back at me.


17 Nov


//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsEveryone loves “Buffalo” something.   Wings, chips, eyelashes.   Everything is getting “buffalo’ed” these days.   Take the BK chicken fries.  They were pretty fun and snacky all by themselves.   Of course they could have used a bit more heat but that was what the sauces were for.  They were fine as is.  I have had them several times and enjoyed them more often than not.

Then here comes the “buffalo” ones.  A light dusting of cayenne and some orange color don’t really reinvent these into something magical.  They are decent but the heat was so shallow it just made me feel tricked.  If you gonna intro a spicy something make it DAMN SPICY!!!


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