WARNING SALSA – Fire Roasted

1 Oct

This.  is. a. big. deal.

You know I love all things salsa.   It’s quite unfair but honestly I don’t have one single favorite.    I am a moody cuss and I get on these jaunts where I crave a certain sauce then move to the next one and then circle back.   I usually have four different salsas in my fridge at all times.

That being said – one of my absolute favorites is this “Fire Roasted Salsa” from WARNING! Salsa.    The title is absolutely NO JOKE.   This is one of the best…and most flavorful salsas I have ever had.

I have met the owner at a couple of salsa/hot sauce festivals and he is a SUPER NICE guy and has truly captured lightning in a bottle.   Actually more like crack…because I will blaze through a jar in a couple of days when I get my hands on it.

He has three flavors – all good…but this “fire roasted” one takes the cake.   It’s almost UNREAL how great it tastes.

At the festivals, he served up WARM samples of his product…and let me tell you that makes a fantastic amount of difference.    Don’t get me wrong…you can eat that salsa straight out of the jar and be amazed…but tasting it warm???   Fuggheddaboutit.

I have no idea what sort of sorcery this man had to master to create this…but mankind is better for it.

You can get it online at http://www.warningsalsa.com or if you are in the Grapevine area, Tommy Tamale (another place I love) usually has a couple of jars stocked if you don’t want to mess with online ordering.


Olivella’s Pizza – Dallas

30 Sep

I continue making the rounds of all things Neapolitan-style pizza with Olivella’s.

Look at that pie.  Yum.  Olivella’s was voted best pizza in Texas by USA Today, so it’s gotta be kinda good, right?

And it is.   A super-thin crust that is both tender and chewy and somehow manages to stay sturdy enough to hold those toppings.    Sauce and cheese have a nice balance and there is little-to-no grease dripping everywhere – even with all that pepperoni.

This is another “20 dollar pie joint” that I figured would be overpriced and super-bland.  I am happy that wasn’t the case.    The atmosphere of this location was warm and tables were full of people sharing wine and ‘za…and just enjoying the evening.   Nice place.  Would bring a group with me next time and eat in-house for certain.  Very casual and laid back.  Liking that.

They also do so much more than just pizza and some of the dishes are already on my “next-time” list.  Dallas has no shortage of fantastic pizza but it’s so good at Olivella’s you need to make a point of checking it out soon!


6465 E Mockingbird Lane, Suite 525
(NE Corner Of Mockingbird & Abrams)
Dallas, TX 75214




SONIC – Boneless Wings

29 Sep

Sonic has a way of quietly dropping cool new things on their customers.    That pretzel-dog was genius.

Well, now they are back with “Boneless Wings”.   I got kinda excited because I love hotwings and I am constantly looking for a place that can kick them out at the drop of a dime.

Unfortunately these ain’t them.   I can’t really tell if they are reusing the popcorn chicken pieces or these are some other chicken nugget type pieces.   Whatever it is, they aren’t bad…but they aren’t BAD… ya get me?

I wanted crunch chicken pieces (like the popcorn chicken which I do like) tossed in a sauce that “kicks” but the sauce here is just globbed on everywhere…and it’s not much in the heat department.

I will just stick with the popcorn chicken and dip it in my own sauce because a six -piece for four bucks seems too much for what you get.


26 Sep


I have been tasting all sorts of crap looking for a fruit-flavored drink that wasn’t full of sugar or aspartame or succralose.

Now I have found it!   Vitamin Water makes a kick-ass naturally sweetened lemonade.    It’s exactly the kind of drink I want ready-to-go-straight from the fridge when I am running out the door and need/want something delicious to drink.

Even the nutriti….ruh-roh.  No WONDER I love it.  It’s fully loaded with cane sugar and everything a full-calorie soda would have.

Seriously though – don’t be fooled by the name Vitamin Water.  It’s just about as close to a soft-drink as you can get.  And it tastes damn good.


25 Sep

I have pretty much-loved everything Wonka ever put on the shelves.  Like, forever.

Until now.

These are RANDOMS and they are gummies that come in all sorts of “random” shapes that are supposed to give you the impression they are all wacky..and…well…random.

I am fine with the shapes but none are actually that strange or clever.

The taste of these are rather bland, actually.    They are decent gummies in texture…but some of them have this brushed-on flavor on their bottoms.   It’s a white-marshmellow-like-and-taste–attachment to the base of certain gummies.  It’s just as bland and blah as the rest of this bag.

STILL waiting on REAL everlasting Gobstoppers.


24 Sep

Sometimes I get on these “kicks”.

Lately it’s been a SNAPPLE kick.

I loved Snapple when I lived in New York and drank a ton of it.   Not sure how or why but when I got back to Texas, it sort of dropped off my radar.

I did pick it back up when The Apprentice did special flavors – because they were both very very good.    But then again, I can’t think of a Snapple I didn’t like.

This Peach Tea is all sweet and peachy.   Smooth and rich in flavor.  This is the type of tea some of those “other” teas can only wish they could create.


New York Best Pizza

23 Sep

New to Aggtown is a small and hard to notice place off Pioneer called NEW YORK’s BEST PIZZA.   Once you get inside you will see:

A: it shares space/is also an ice cream treat joint


B: not alot of room to sit down and have dinner.   Just a few tables available.

I found this place by accident as it is almost completely hidden from view by other businesses.

Once inside I saw a long line on the ice cream side with several happy customers workin’ hard on those frozen treats.

Over here on the pizza side it’s kinda of empty but it is early afternoon so I am behind the lunch crowd and ahead of the dinner people.

I order a slice and a drink and I am instantly shocked at how cheap it was.   I believe the plain cheese slices are just 1.50 – and toppings are like .25 cents extra or something frugal like that.

I lost the menu so don’t quote me on those prices – but it was seriously under two bucks for a slice – under three with the soda.    This is the cheapest deal in town on slices!

I am worried that I will get what I pay for, but I was totally satisfied with what I got.   The slice wasn’t huge but it was more than enough to satisfy those hunger pains.    Two of these and I think I would need a nap.

The staff seemed very friendly and service was quick.   I would put this buck-fifty slice up against many other slice places I have had in the past.

Next step is ordering a full pie with toppings and see if that holds up just as well.    Stay tuned!


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