26 Aug

I must have ate at least a metric ton of these in my day.  Maybe even a few ton.

What’s the plural of “ton”?  Ton?  Tons?

The point I am making is I ate enough of these fish-shaped-crackers that I could have built Noah’s Ark out of them- and then filled said ark – with nothing but goldfish crackers.

It’s been alot of crackers.

So when I am at the store and I am feelin’ snacky – but not totally hungry – I see these and think – perfect quick-snack!!!

Minutes later I am sitting in my car wondering how to reconnect the flux-capacitor so I can travel back in time to warn me about how bland and boring these taste.

I am almost shocked.   I mean…did I mention I hate alot of these growing up?

And granted…I have had Cheez-it’s and some other snack crackers lately that are absolutely over-flowing with flavor…so to take this step back just seemed so….drastic.  Have these always tasted like this?

I taste cracker and a faintest hint of cheddar…..the smiles on these fish betray me.   They aren’t happy.  They are lacking in flavor.

The only salvation may be in that I saw some called “XTREME flavored” or something like that.   Really?  Is it the 90’s again already?   Does everything have to be XTREME for me to enjoy it.

oh…those sad lil fishy smiles…..



25 Aug

Yep-yep, they is back, ya’ll !!!!  Dem chick’n-fries ya’ll was demandin’!!!!  WOO!!!


To be honest – I remember when these came out years ago and thought they sounded gross and they certainly tasted gross.  Floppy and thin.  Rubbery and just tired.

Now I don’t know if my tastes have changed or the recipe for this because I actually liked these!

Yeah – I was surprised too.  The breading seems different that what they use on their other fried products.  It has a texture to it that flakes off like crumbs or dusting…like a finer-coarse coating/batter is used here.  Anyway it works.  Granted they were made fresh and I had to wait….Lord knows how they might taste after sitting for a while.

I can see kids LOVING these.  A basket of these mixed in with regular fries?   They will probably tear it up.   It’s a fun food for certain.    I am totally bamboozled as to why I like it…but I do…maybe it’s because the GREAT STATE FAIR OF TEXAS is coming up…and this is totally a Fair-food thingie…and I am just hyped?

Whatever…just don’t get between me and these here chicken fries.  You will lose.

Capri Sun is AWESOME

15 Aug

Okay, why in the hell did I give up drinking Capri Sun back when I was six?

Did I not understand how awesome Capri Sun tastes?

Did I forget the mad-sugar-rush I just got from pounding one of these bad-boys down six minutes ago?

Holy Smokes these are awesome!

Firehouse Fun Time

14 Aug

I have said before that I liked Firehouse Subs.   That isn’t the point today.  Today I want to share the photo I took while enjoying my sammie.

In case you can’t see it – The sign says “Sleeping Allowed in Bunkroom Only”.

Just beneath that sign is a Firehouse Sub employee asleep at the bar-top.

It wasn’t planned or set-up.  I just sat there waiting for my order and couldn’t help but notice him asleep.   Then I noticed the sign.

Irony is everywhere.


HI-CHEW is taking over the Planet

13 Aug

Starburst better look out.  HI-CHEW is on a mission it seems.

HI-CHEW is from Japan and has been around for a while but I notice that it is poppin up all over the place now.

It’s kinda like a Starburst…but also like a caramel… it’s a fruit chew that takes a long time to dissolve basically.

They come in a bazillion flavors and are quite addictive.   Mango and Strawberry are shown…with the Strawberry being the tastier of the two.     So if you like fruit chews you should hit the local SEV (7-11) and pick up a pack.  I bet you will enjoy them.

NICE! Corn Nuggets

12 Aug

I was walking thru Walgreens (love me some Walgreens) and I noticed they have this little section that is either new or I didn’t see before.  It’s on the snack-asile.   It’s a cluster of snacks that are all about a buck and are the NICE ! Brand of different things.   Today I got the Corn-Nut-like snacks called NICE! Corn Nuggets.    They were a buck and are pretty tasty.

Make NO mistake – they do NOT crunch-hard like Corn Nuts…which…isn’t all that much of a bad thing.  These are a touch lighter…so not as hard on your teeth.

They also don’t have that “oil” taste/texture to them that I find in regular Corn-Nuts.

They are SO worth trying if you love this type of snack.     You get a pretty nice sized portion for 99 cents too.

Collin Street Bakery

11 Aug

On the road and I am near something called the Collin Street Bakery.  It’s known for its fruit cake.

I don’t think I have ever had a fruit cake.

I walk in with about 40 minutes left before they close.  The cases are almost all but empty.  They have had a good day.  Lots of customers and I suppose tons of sweets sold.

The nice lady behind the counter gave me a free cookie to chow down on while I looked around…..and again there isn’t much to look at.

Free cookie…so I am totally feeling obligated now to buy SOMEthing…..but I don’t see anything that strikes me.

I finally get to their famous fruit cake section.   They are in all shapes and sizes and come in these gift tins.   They look great so I pick a small one since I have never had one before…and the sticker shock …. something like 18 bucks…for the smallest one….. slighty bigger than my hand……I was like…uh….okaaaayyy…

I will just have to get over the guilt of the free sample cookie because I left empty-handed.


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