24 Oct

Okay let’s just call these what they are….BOMB POPS!!!!

Maybe it’s a legal name or something…but ..sigh….Popsicle brand calls these “The Original Firecracker”…..sigh…again.

Whatever.    All I know is whenever I see these in the frozen-treat aisle,  I shout-out “BOOOMMMMMMMBBBBB POOOOOPPPP!!!!” in my head.

Sometimes out loud.   Mostly never in my head.   Mostly out loud in the store.


Anyway these are classic and hit the spot when you got that sweet-tooth.    These are on the smaller size…single serving..and they are perfect.   Trust me, you have totally forgotten how big a damn real Bomb Pop is and would never finish one in a single-sitting.

So these are exactly the droids you are looking for.


Griff’s Hamburgers – 2014

23 Oct

Back in 2013 I toldja Griff’s was being torn down and replaced.   When they re-opened I was there to review the food and pleased to report it tasted exactly the same as before the renovations.

So flash forward what…a year now??    I am in Irving and hungry.   Those two things happen together quite frequently it seems.

I am SO thinking a burger from Griff’s would be awesome.    So that’s where I go…and am pleased to report the consistency is still there.

That old-fashioned diner/drive-in type burger is still one of the best you will find in Irving.   Huge burgers, fries that actually taste like potatoes, and a friendly staff make Griff’s STILL one of my favorites in the metroplex.

DORITOS JACKED: Spicy Street Taco

22 Oct

Doritos has finally revealed one of the “mystery flavors” to be these SPICY STREET TACO flavored chips.

When I saw this, I was ecstatic.   TACO DORITOS are my all-time favorite Doritos chip.   And for some reason they bring them back…then they drop them for a few years…then bring them back and try to call them something else.

So I was hoping these “jacked” version would be the regular (see pic at right for the original) TACO chips….just on steroids…..

And they are…..sorta.  The “jacked” version are bigger and thicker cut.   But they also have three basic flavor profiles going on:   Sriracha, Sour Cream, and then Taco (dead last).

That just sucks.    Don’t get me wrong…these have alot of flavor to them…..but here is the point….the TACO seasoning was enough!!!!!   If you have ever had the original Taco, you would know they are ROBUST and overflowing with attitude and flavor already.

You keep coming back to this flavor profile again and again….so obviously it has it’s fanbase…so why not cater to them and advertise the original flavor more?  Then you wouldn’t have to come up with all these kooky campaigns to sell products.

I mean seriously, how often do you see a Nacho Cheese Doritos commercial?….besides the Super Bowl…nada…the things sell themselves.  Everyone knows they are awesome.

Frito Lay is the only one that doesn’t know how awesome their original Taco chips are…..stop messing with perfection!!!

CHEWY SPREE: Mixed Berry

21 Oct

Big Spree fan here.   Always have been.

So when I see these Chewy Spree….and in Mixed Berry !?!??!


They are brightly colored and have some good flavor to them.  Lotsa berry-yyyyy-ness to them.

So much so I can’t tell the difference between the colors/flavors.  They aren’t that far off from each other so I guess in the end it doesn’t matter.  Just enjoy the berry-goodness!

SPARKLING ICE: Black Raspberry

20 Oct

I am walking through a store and notice these in the chilled area.   I am thirsty and always looking for something new.

Once in the car I crack open with anticipation of some nice flavored seltzer-type drink.

It’s got some nice flavor….fizzy….fruity…hey this is a cheap (just a buck!) and tasty……oh crap….


…..there it is…  that aftertaste.   This is obviously flavored with some kind of fake sugar.  Meh….we couldn’t even get past the first-date here.

moving on.

2014 Monster Cereals

17 Oct

It’s that fantastic time of year….. The State Fair of Texas is going on…

but more importantly it’s the annual return of the monster cereals from General Mills.

This is absolute genius to roll these out during the weeks leading up to Halloween.  The retro box design…those classic flavors….killer nostalgia points here .

Boo Berry and Franken Berry were the two I liked best…but Count Chocula is also back in full force.

The only thing that sucks is that you can only get them during this time of year.    I usually stock up so I tend to have monsters on hand until New Year’s…..and by the time I am missing them…..boom…they back on the shelf.

Life doesn’t suck when you got these boys around.


POPEYE’s Beer Can Chicken

16 Oct

Popeye’s is back with another version of their “rippin’ chicken” this time with different seasonings and calling it Beer Can Chicken.

It’s a sliced and fried chicken breast so it pulls apart pretty easy into strips.    I taste hints of lemon…maybe some onion…and some herbs but not much else…other than salt.   I don’t taste any “beer” flavoring.   Maybe that’s just me.

It’s still a nice piece of chicken.  A tad dry, but crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside.

Had to kick this up with a side of their buffalo sauce – which made me realize I probably will not order  this special-limited-time- recipe again anytime soon.


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