18 Apr

Ok, these are seriously my new favorite sour candy.   They are NOT extremely sour.  They are instantly sour/tart and then get sweet.    They have a great chewy texture-  softer and easier to chew than most “gummie” candies.   On top of this the flavors are great:


Tangy Chery



Black Raspberry

You can totally mix and match these and get these killer combos.   Found these at the SEV, but they are prolly everywhere.    I totally rip through this bag in a few hours of running errands and killing a Saturday.     Fun and yummy.  they are FUMMY.    Yeah, you just saw me make up a word.   Now I dare you not to add it to your normal vocab going forward.    FUMMY.


16 Apr

UntitledO.  M.  G. are these awesome.  I am like a baby, with my baggie of cheerios with me at all times in my backsack lately.

I can’t understand why these took so long to get to the stores.  It seems like such a simple and obvious thing.

I haven’t actually had them with milk, so I am not certain if they will turn my milk into “chocolate milk” like my beloved Cocoa Pebbles.   I shall have to report back on that but these are awesome straight out the box by the handful.

I hope these end up being a permanent item on the shelf.

RUFFLES Hot Wings chips

15 Apr

UntitledRuffles released a “hot wing” chip over a year ago.  They were “okay” and they faded rather quickly.

Ruffles is back with another version.  This time it’s “inspired by” Buffalo Wild Wings.

As a promotion – it’s genius for BWW.  Regardless if they actually “inspired” by helping formulate the new recipe or it’s just a promotion that stops at the logo on the bag.    It totally reminds me of their restaurant and I find myself asking when was the last time I had been to a BWW.  So promotion successful.

So, how’s the chips?  Overall I like these “deep ridged” chips more than regular Ruffles.   Despite the fact that these deeper ridged chips break off into rather sharp angles and stab me in the roof of my mouth.

The flavor of these, seem different.   I taste pepper, butter, and even chicken in the flavoring of the chip.   The ingredient list on the back confirms my taste buds.   It’s a solid chip.   But like other “hot wing chips” that butter flavor tends to linger so there is a small after taste.    But these were fun and would go over at a party or cookout.

DOUGH Pizzeria Dallas

14 Apr

Have heard about this place for awhile now, so when I passed by it one day, I looped back for a to-go order.

DOUGH is a pretty swanky pizzeria.   Nice bar.   Deco and atmosphere is great.    I saw several tables of people having lunch and drinking…all having a ball.

Since it was my first time I tried your basic Margherita.   15 bucks might be a bit pricey in a town filled with 5 buck pies from Little Caesar’s and CiCi’s…..  but this ain’t that kind of pizza.

This is Napolentana Pies here, kid.    Once you have had it, you can’t “un-have-it” and you get a craving for it — outside your normal pizza cravings.    For me at least.   This is just a totally different animal.


 These pies are about balance, texture, technique, and flavor.    I mean look at this pie here.  It’s sexy-time.   That crust…fired in that intense heat of those ovens creates a smoke flavor unlike any other pie you can get.    That black “char”??  That’s FLAVOR, kid!!!

Serious flavor.

Getting this as take out was perfect because I was starving and unfortunately these types of pies tend to get cold rather quickly because they are slightly delicate.   They are best served ROCKET HOT and eaten quickly.

So between hot bites and dripping bits of scalding sauce on myself while driving…adjusting the radio….did I just get a text??…..and calling someone….it was all good.   Seriously good pizza here.

I would love to return with a few friends and relax over some wine and really soak up the mood there and just chill with a fantastic pie like this.

That sounds like a slice of heaven.


9 Apr


The location is genius as its right across the street from a high school that has open campus lunch. Aside from that the location is quite curious because Cooper Street is turning into “Chicken Avenue” with Super Chix, Golden Chick, Chicken Express, and KFC within a few blocks or so.

Be careful looking for “Super Chix” online because you could land on some NOT SAFE FOR WORK type sites.   That aside – the website tells of “Three friends “ looking to build a better chicken sammich.   What they don’t tell you, and others have discovered, is that Super Chix is funded by YUM Brands….the same company that owns KFC.

Super Chix is pretty aggressive in concept.   They have taken pages from Chick-fil-a, Raising Cane’s, and Five Guys/Mooyah and rolled them into “Super Chix”.

ENOUGH OF THE PREAMBLE…how’s it TASTE….man!!!!?!?!?!?!


FRIES: The fries were fresh cut (like five guys/mooyah) but cut thinner. So they got rather floppy and soggy pretty quick.   Decent flavor but I wouldn’t order them again.

CHICKEN TENDERS:   These were juicy and fat chicken tenders.   They look gorgeous (and a lot like Chick-fil-a). They come with dipping sauces: “signature”, (which a few tasters said is a Cane Sauce knock-off) Honey Mustard, Smoky Honey Pepper (?), and a Siracha Sweet and Sour….and no BBQ.   Criminal.

One thing I DO notice is the breading is slightly sweet.   I found this to be very obvious and a bit of a distraction.  Almost like KFC “original recipe” with maybe a few herbs and spices left out and replaced with sweetness. The similarity to KFC breading is noticeable.

UntitledCHICKEN SANDWICH:   The chicken sandwich (pictured) is not what I ordered. I order it with just pickles and I obviously got the full-monty.   I will chalk this up to opening-day-jitters. It’s quite juicy and full of flavor. Nice bun.


  1. The chicken.   Which is paramount.   If the chicken sucks, the place is doomed.   Fortunately it’s thick and tender. Juicy and nicely breaded.   Even that “sweetness” I taste in the breading is easily masked by some sauce.  I would cut back on the sweetness in the breading. Keep the buns.
  2. I know plenty of people that are boycotting Chick-fil-a because of their stance on certain issues – those people can now have their chicken again. Super Chix has the luxury of being the new kid and hasn’t made such high-profile statements that could alien their customers. Yet.


  1. They need to set up a stand at the front door with menus so people can get familiar with the ordering process and all the “upgrades and custom features” you can get on every. Single. Thing. The ordering can get bogged down very easy.    Pickles? No Pickles? We have three different kinds of pickles….so you want those pickles not these other ones…and I got a headache.


  1. Fries should be thicker cut.   Being thin, as I said, hurts more than helps.


  1. Sauces.   Need more variety.   Lack of a BBQ and straight up hot pepper type sauce is just SILLY.



It’s a shrewd move on Yum/KFC part.   Introduce another choice to water down the amount of people who might drive to their competitor by offering something pretty damn close under a new name. It worked for PIE FIVE. It’s a pretty good product so it could work.

I will say that there has been MANY a SUNDAY that I wanted Chick-fil-a but they are closed on Sundays. Super Chix is OPEN on Sunday.   That is HUGE. HUGE in the satisfied cravings department.

Is it BETTER than Raising Cane’s or Chick-fil-a? NO.   Do they have a chance to give them a run for their money?   YES.



8 Apr

Villa Fresh Italian KitchenWHEW!!!  SOOOOO glad all that college basketball thingie is done.  But it did give us a good idea.   Using a bracket and picking a local city, we tried to find the best pizza in Grand Prairie.

(we picked GP because according to Google they had the least amount of pizza joints so we THOUGHT it was gonna be easy…..)  

I got it down to 16 places you could get a slice and from there the chow-down was on.

Last night we got down to four places for the GP title:   Chuck E. Cheese, Domino’s, Villa Fresh, and Papa John’s.

The 2014 Best Pizza in Grand Prairie Award goes to Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen.

Will there be a trophy or an awards ceremony?  We don’t know.   We are currently in hospital after having eaten nothing but pizza from 16 locations over the 3 days.   Stay tuned.



7 Apr

Untitledand……we’re back with more of that Sour Patch Kids Gum…this time in LIME.

Actually this gum ain’t too shabby.  It’s kinda like Mountain Dew or Gatorade combo taste – so I kinda dig it.

Not much in the way of sour though.  Just weird kinda lime-thing happening.

Worth a try though.


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