CHEWY SPREE: Mixed Berry

21 Oct

Big Spree fan here.   Always have been.

So when I see these Chewy Spree….and in Mixed Berry !?!??!


They are brightly colored and have some good flavor to them.  Lotsa berry-yyyyy-ness to them.

So much so I can’t tell the difference between the colors/flavors.  They aren’t that far off from each other so I guess in the end it doesn’t matter.  Just enjoy the berry-goodness!

SPARKLING ICE: Black Raspberry

20 Oct

I am walking through a store and notice these in the chilled area.   I am thirsty and always looking for something new.

Once in the car I crack open with anticipation of some nice flavored seltzer-type drink.

It’s got some nice flavor….fizzy….fruity…hey this is a cheap (just a buck!) and tasty……oh crap….


…..there it is…  that aftertaste.   This is obviously flavored with some kind of fake sugar.  Meh….we couldn’t even get past the first-date here.

moving on.

2014 Monster Cereals

17 Oct

It’s that fantastic time of year….. The State Fair of Texas is going on…

but more importantly it’s the annual return of the monster cereals from General Mills.

This is absolute genius to roll these out during the weeks leading up to Halloween.  The retro box design…those classic flavors….killer nostalgia points here .

Boo Berry and Franken Berry were the two I liked best…but Count Chocula is also back in full force.

The only thing that sucks is that you can only get them during this time of year.    I usually stock up so I tend to have monsters on hand until New Year’s…..and by the time I am missing them…..boom…they back on the shelf.

Life doesn’t suck when you got these boys around.


POPEYE’s Beer Can Chicken

16 Oct

Popeye’s is back with another version of their “rippin’ chicken” this time with different seasonings and calling it Beer Can Chicken.

It’s a sliced and fried chicken breast so it pulls apart pretty easy into strips.    I taste hints of lemon…maybe some onion…and some herbs but not much else…other than salt.   I don’t taste any “beer” flavoring.   Maybe that’s just me.

It’s still a nice piece of chicken.  A tad dry, but crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside.

Had to kick this up with a side of their buffalo sauce – which made me realize I probably will not order  this special-limited-time- recipe again anytime soon.

PAPA JOHN’s Food Stamp Pizza

15 Oct

Not to be out-done by the likes of 7 Eleven, Papa John’s is getting into the food-stamp-pizza game.

Show-up at your local PJ, show your EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) card, and you can walk out with some hot and fresh pies.

Whatcha think about that?


14 Oct

I grabbed this at my local convenience store and honestly was thinking it was Fruit Punch.

Nope.   Turns out its Apple.   Not an apple-blend or mash-up.  Just regular ol’ apple.

And I liked it.   It’s pretty apple-y and a quick look at the ingredient list I see it actually ISN”T just apple – it has some pear juice – which is the taste I couldn’t quite pick up by taste alone.   That pear makes the apple stand out more and I am guessing that’s the point.

All in all a solid sweet treat.

7 SELECT: Carolina Style BBQ chips

13 Oct

The Sev… keeps impressing with some of their private label brand items.

These Carolina Style BBQ chips are super-thin and crispy.   Nice and light crunch with some slightly sweet BBQ flavor.

What makes them stand out to me is the lil’ kick of vinegar these seem to have.   It takes that smoky-sweet-cue into something that gets kinda tangy…..they were serious when they put that on the label….. and makes you wanna keep snackin’ on them.

A nice deviation from the boring and bland BBQ chips I have been used to lately.



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