FruitWater- Lemon-Lime

16 Sep

I am standing in line at the market and notice these in the fridge by the checkout.   I am totally thirsty and in a line so I don’t want to step out of line to go hunting something else.   Lemon-lime?  I love that.  What could go wrong?

I fish it out of the sack and drink it on the way to the car.




Weird-synthetic-yukk-aftertaste-from-some-fake-sugar-? CHECK

Zero calorie always means fake sugar- but I want to think that one day someone can perfect this….that day is still light years away.


15 Sep

Okay Blue Bell, you gotta give it up.  Tell me just how in the bloody-blue-hell can you keep coming up with these flavors that knock my socks off?

I am in LOVE with this new ‘Bell….Old Fashioned Malt Shoppe.  It is absolutely simple.  Simple and perfect.

It is chocolate-malt ice cream with chocolate-covered-milk-balls (think whoppers but smaller) in it.

What makes this so amazing is that the ice-cream duplicates the actual flavor of the soda-fountain type malted – to the letter.

Whenever you get a chocolate malt at a fountain, unless you specify, you usually get one ladle of chocolate syrup.   So your malt tastes like chocolate and has that tan-tint to it…but it’s not overly chocolate.

Dairy Queen makes one of the best and most consistent chocolate malts I have ever had…and this ice cream tastes so much like it, I might not ever need to go to DQ again.

It’s incredible straight out the container – but I can imagine this with a little milk and a VitaMix making a soda-fountain-style treat in my own home anytime the notion strikes me.    I would have made one for this review but I ate the entire pint while catching up on my cartoons earlier.

Dear Jesus, please do not let this be one of those temporary flavors that disappears forever like the Groom’s Cake they did years past.

NICE! Pineapple Tidbits

12 Sep

 I was all over the NICE! brand of corn-nuts from Walgreens.  Those were the bomb and so are these Pineapple Tidbits.  I ADORE pineapple and you don’t find it much in terms of flavorings of things.

I am also not a big fan of dried fruit.  It tends to be SUPER-sweet…so much so that you never taste the actual fruit.

These are lightly-sweet and you get a full-on pineapple taste and a bit of teture as you eat them.

It was the last bag at this location, so I am thinking that means it’s a popular item.

I know I will be back for more because these are KILLER!!

Golden Grahams Treats

11 Sep

Parents, this is NOT a treat.  SNICKERS, FUNYUNS, and a cool twenty-dollar bill slipped into the lunchbox is a TREAT.

This is a bland…slightly sweet…so I think it’s decadent but it’s “Golden Grahams”?  jeez….

I said it before and I am still of the mind that most kids couldn’t care less about Golden Grahams.

Now were these made by Cookie Crisp?



10 Sep

I have never been a fan of “knock-off” brand stuff.  I think that is because my friend’s mom would always buy the knock-offs for him growing up and when he shared them – the almost always sucked.

Fruit Loops?  Nope.  He got “Fruit O’s” or something.   They looked the same but the taste wasn’t even close.    Doritos?  Nope.  He had “Theodore’s Nacho Rounds”.  Sucked.

So when I got a hot-dog from the SEV the other day, the super-nice lady working told me I got a free bag of chips- some promotional thing.   Okay…I start looking for Funyuns and she tells me it’s the 7-Select brand that is the freebie.


Turns out the Sev has been slowing incorporating more of their own private label products into the store.   Not sure I like this because it cuts down on the variety that I love from that place.

These BBQ Kettle chips were actually pretty damn good!   Better than the Lay’s brand for certain.  Nice-hard-crunch and some ample ‘cue flavoring.   I am liking these!

Add to this – my recent revelation about Aldi/Trader Joe’s and I am giving private label products or “knock offs” another look because some of the products they are cranking out today are equal to….if not better than the name brand stuff you grew up on.


Burger King Cheese Stix

9 Sep

I have never been a big fan of fried cheese-sticks, but after having some pretty decent ones at Sonic the other day, I noticed that Burger King also sells them…so why not give them a try?

Turns out, they are not bad either.   I had to wait for them to be made fresh – which for me isn’t a big deal – I like fresh-from-the-fryer stuff.

It was a three-piece and a side of sauce.   The coating on the outside was crisp and a bit of a crunch.  Tender and stringy cheese inside keeping me interested as I dipped into a pretty decent marinara.   I think it was 1.99 – so not too shabby for a quick snack.

Maybe I do like cheese-sticks and just didn’t know it?

Slick Trick RaceTrac

8 Sep

With Summer slinking away, most convenience stores are going back to full-price on their fountain drinks.

Saw at RaceTrac that they have a new promotion.   You can buy a 32 oz fountain drink and then a bottled soda for later – all for 2.22.  2.40 with tax.

If you are on the road alot this sounds awesome because at some point you are probably gonna want a refill.

But when you stop and do the math…. most fountain sodas are .99 cents…most bottled drinks are around 1.79….so add tax and that’s 3 bucks flat.

So you are saving 60 cents.

Is this a deal to you?


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