Little Caesar’s Pretzel Cheesy Pizza

1 Sep

So I am at the local Little Caesar’s – getting a deep-dish special (my favorite crust from there) and I get into a conversation about the new Pretzel-cheesy-pizza coming out September 1st.  Today…so go get one and try it!

( ….today as you read this post but Thursday of last week when I am writing this…for the future …and sending into the past.  Yeah I have a time-machine…moving on..)

And I am telling  the friendly and fine staff there at the LC that I think the new pizza sounds interesting…but kinda gross.

A pizza with nacho cheese sauce instead of a red-tomato-based sauce?   INSANE.

Fugghedabout the fact it has a pretzel crust.   I can’t get past NO RED SAUCE.

Had this been just a simple crust-swap, I would have probably loved the idea.

“Hold on – we got one coming out now-  let’s get you a sample.  You are gonna like it.  I promise”  says the nice lady and she disappears.

“No red sauce”.   I keep saying it over and over in my head.   Look folks, I like CRAZY in three  things.   My women, my bread, and my sauce (the last  two are only available at Little Caesar’s).    Now Caesar wants to take one of those off the table.    He’s gone mad.

And then I taste it.   It’s ….different.   It’s like more of an extreme “italian-cheese-crazy-bread-with-pizza-toppings-on top” than a pizza …in my mind.  It’s not bad actually.   But it’s just not pizza to me without the tomato sauce.   I am not that into cheese that I would get this often but I know people who love anything extra-cheesy – so this would work for them.

The pretzel crust isn’t that noticeable until the very end.   It’s a nice quirky finish to an unusual pie.   If I was having a game-watching party or something I would order one of these extra just to give everyone yet another thing to talk/complain about.  It’s certainly a conversation starter and your curiosity will probably overpower your wallet and you will fork over the six bucks for one.

Again – pretty good actually – and a fun and off-beat snack that cheese-heads will surely love.


29 Aug

OMG.  These Chocodiles.  These Chocodiles. OMG.

It has been FOREVER since I have had one of these.   I could only find them on the west coast back in the day.

It’s a chocolate dipped Twinkie – transformed into the


Hostess is GENIUS for making them available nationwide.

Back in the day, they were only available if you lived in an area close to one of their plants or overstock shops.   The chocolate would not travel well sitting on trucks for days to cross-country – so they were only available locally.

But now that Twinkies and other Hostess items are all shipped frozen or cold storage – they can now find their way into everyone’s home.

If you have read this blog at all you probably know I am a ZINGER person.  I don’t even really like Twinkies…but something about simply dipping them in chocolate makes them a ZILLION times better.

I found these only at Walmart for right now….

But don’t just take my word for it on how good they are–






28 Aug

Churritos are basically mini versions of TAKI chips.  Those corn-chips-that-are-rolled-up-like-taquitos.

It’s usually the same packaging – same flavors and everything.   Churritos are just small.

Think spaghetti strand and you will understand the size and thickness.

These FUEGO versions were barely hot compared to their big brother.

In fact I didn’t much care for these at all.

It seems like the chip is so tiny that it can’t hold alot of flavor.


You can see here that they are somewhat tiny.   I guess if you can’t handle the full-on heat you could dip a toe into these …but then really what is the point?

Just get the full-sized Takis and party-on.


27 Aug

I was seriously expecting to hate this place.    It’s one of those places that gets nominated for  “Best Pizza ” in our local mags and sometimes that is more politics than pizza it seems.  So I am super-skeptical.

Weak pies and a room full of thirty-thousand-dollar-millionaires- (that Dallas is now SO famous for) ….. is what I was expecting.

But the joint has just a clubhouse-filled-with-friends vibe…and the pizza is actually SO damn good that I had to drop those expectations at the door.

This is seriously a great place.   It’s got two great and distinctive vibes going on too.  Inside it’s kinda small and intimate and the bar is right on top of the kitchen so there is the constant buzz of that to entertain you.   The seating around is also very close and intimate.   Going here with a group of friends would be very fun just because of all the ambiance.

Outside they have a killer patio with plenty of room if you wanna spread out.  On hot days I can’t see me doing this, but in early fall that patio probably gets overloaded with people loving the night air and some killer food.

The pizza was your basic pepperoni and it came on a very light crust that was tender at the center and got more crispy as you approached the outer crust.  LOVED the crust.   Sauce, cheese, everything about this was stand-out good.

I can now see why they are nominated for awards.  It truly is one of the best pies in Dallas.

My only complaint…okay two….  FIRST-  they do not offer “hot” soppressata as a topping (which is basically a SUPER-pepperoni….and is growing in popularity)…and SECOND…the menu sort of suggests that all pizzas are to be ordered as specified on the menu.   No listing of available toppings or option to “create your own”.    I am sure they can and will…but not having that listed on the menu seems limiting.

Despite those two tiny things – FIRESIDE absolutely rocks.


26 Aug

I must have ate at least a metric ton of these in my day.  Maybe even a few ton.

What’s the plural of “ton”?  Ton?  Tons?

The point I am making is I ate enough of these fish-shaped-crackers that I could have built Noah’s Ark out of them- and then filled said ark – with nothing but goldfish crackers.

It’s been alot of crackers.

So when I am at the store and I am feelin’ snacky – but not totally hungry – I see these and think – perfect quick-snack!!!

Minutes later I am sitting in my car wondering how to reconnect the flux-capacitor so I can travel back in time to warn me about how bland and boring these taste.

I am almost shocked.   I mean…did I mention I hate alot of these growing up?

And granted…I have had Cheez-it’s and some other snack crackers lately that are absolutely over-flowing with flavor…so to take this step back just seemed so….drastic.  Have these always tasted like this?

I taste cracker and a faintest hint of cheddar…..the smiles on these fish betray me.   They aren’t happy.  They are lacking in flavor.

The only salvation may be in that I saw some called “XTREME flavored” or something like that.   Really?  Is it the 90’s again already?   Does everything have to be XTREME for me to enjoy it.

oh…those sad lil fishy smiles…..



25 Aug

Yep-yep, they is back, ya’ll !!!!  Dem chick’n-fries ya’ll was demandin’!!!!  WOO!!!


To be honest – I remember when these came out years ago and thought they sounded gross and they certainly tasted gross.  Floppy and thin.  Rubbery and just tired.

Now I don’t know if my tastes have changed or the recipe for this because I actually liked these!

Yeah – I was surprised too.  The breading seems different that what they use on their other fried products.  It has a texture to it that flakes off like crumbs or dusting…like a finer-coarse coating/batter is used here.  Anyway it works.  Granted they were made fresh and I had to wait….Lord knows how they might taste after sitting for a while.

I can see kids LOVING these.  A basket of these mixed in with regular fries?   They will probably tear it up.   It’s a fun food for certain.    I am totally bamboozled as to why I like it…but I do…maybe it’s because the GREAT STATE FAIR OF TEXAS is coming up…and this is totally a Fair-food thingie…and I am just hyped?

Whatever…just don’t get between me and these here chicken fries.  You will lose.

Capri Sun is AWESOME

15 Aug

Okay, why in the hell did I give up drinking Capri Sun back when I was six?

Did I not understand how awesome Capri Sun tastes?

Did I forget the mad-sugar-rush I just got from pounding one of these bad-boys down six minutes ago?

Holy Smokes these are awesome!


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