CRACKER BARREL – Campfire Chicken

22 Jul

I don’t visit Cracker Barrel but the adverts I saw of this new summertime dish did a fantastic job of making me WANT to visit.

CAMPFIRE CHICKEN (also available Campfire Beef) is a big honkin’ amount of food wrapped in a foil-pack and cooked until juicy and tender.

That chicken was fantastic.    Fall-off-the-bone tender.  Carrots that were soft and full of taste.  Those potatoes and corn cobs were perfectly seasoned and was sitting on some tasty chicken broth as a result of the aromatics sealed in the foil.

This is an easy dish to make at home (usually called hobo chicken) so this was very clever of Cracker Barrel to offer something like this.  It’s a hearty meal (that needed to come with more than one piece of cornbread….but I digress) and something I would order again….oh…but wait…like everything I like…it’s only available for until the end of August.   So hurry up!

Keepin’ It REAL!

21 Jul

If you have never been to Dallas, here is a nice slice of reality for ya.   For all the glitz and “Hollywood” attitude that Dallas has….just blocks away are places like this– that remind you it’s not all gold-plated-dreams.

Truth be told, I didn’t actually stop because I was riding with someone who was “afraid” to stop (what the hell for??).

However I have several readers that have told me how awesome this place is and love it.   They tell me I would love and I am sure I would.   You know me – I love joints like this.   The local mom and pop?  Hell ya I’m there!

I love the name and if I lived in that neighborhood I would brag about shopping there.   I love the upfrontness about  this and love supporting local business.

What the hell does this have to do with JUNKFOOD, dude?   Other than the fact they sell some, nothing.   I just found it funny and wanted to give a shout-out to a business that is on they grind.     Don’t knock the hustle.


18 Jul

These take me so far back I think Sherman is messing with the Way-Back Machine.  I didn’t even know these were still around.

Man these things are timeless to me.    Reminds me of hot summer days….out riding bikes all day and getting into some mischief….stopping by the house every few hours to grab some of these for me an my bestest buds….then back off on our bikes to explore new worlds and try and jump everything like we were world class BMX racers or something.

Found these at WalMart for like six or seven bucks….but I actually found these at a WalMart out of town…so I completely freaked and snatched up a couple of boxes.

With characters/flavors like Louie Bloo, Pancho Punch, Strawberry Short kook, Sir Issac Lime, Alexander the Grape, and Little Orphan Orange…….timeless…and with a cool hundred of these in my freezer I am set for the summer.

How in the hell did I live life without Otter Pops these past ten or so years??? Pray I never have to do it again.


CORN NUTS – Jalapeno Cheddar

17 Jul

Oh how I love me some Corn Nuts.   With pretty much any flavor (except Ranch…bleh…) you can sit me in a corner with a bag and I will shut up for hours.


Oh….kay….that is a bit of a stretch.   But I will be alot easier to deal with.

Now that I see these Jalapeno Cheddar…I am all… BRING IT ON SUCKAS!!!!!!  I love hot stuff and these sound like they are gonna be nachos in a bag…..

and they are…kinda.   The jalapeno is present but so is some wonky cheddar flavor.   It’s just synthetic enough to throw the taste of these off a touch.   It’s noticeable.   And frustrating.

I will try them again to just see if maybe I was having a bad-taste-day…but at first blush these are a pass.

Steaz Teas

7 Jul

Being the Junk Food Critic, I am always running into people that assume:

A:  I use the word “junk food” in my title…and THEIR food/product is not JUNK…therefore I am a JERK for implying so…and I am bid goodbye.

TRUTH is – I use the words JUNK FOOD instead of say….”Fast Food”… because a doctor once told me that anything other than lean meats and veggies was basically all “junk food”.  I found that funny because it basically meant everything else in the entire food world.

and…. B:  Since I am said JFC…they want to sway me into liking “healthier choices” that are “just as good as”……  I always walk into that with an open mind…but my tastebuds usually shoot the stuff down like skeet.


And now Steaz.   It’s a stevia sweetened green tea..above was citrus and the other here is raspberry.   I was handed these from the chill-section of Whole Foods and told to try them because they were awesome and ZERO CALORIES!!!

If you read this blog at all…you prolly figured out I barely know how to spell….I type phonetically …exactly how I talk in real life…..and that I might not even know what a calorie is…based on my food choices.

What I taste?   Some fruit flavor up front….or fruit flavored water…don’t taste much tea in either….but I get a donkey-punch of synthetic sweet taste on the back-end.   It’s noticeable and not fooling my mouth one bit.

I am all for something like this—-WHEN IT WORKS….but this just tasted pretty watered down….and bland.

SONIC Cheesesticks

4 Jul

I don’t even really like cheesesticks but after going to Sonic the other day, I might have to change my mind.

It was during their “happy hour” (when the sodas are affordable….unlike the rest of the day) and I noticed I could get two cheesticks for a dollar.    Sounded reasonable.

What I got was a perfectly crisp…crunchy outside..and some melting…stringy…gooey…goodness that was the mozz cheese inside.  These were very hot-n-fresh tasting.    Perfect afternoon snack to go with my Cherry Limeade.   Good marinara sauce there on the side as well.

Did NOT expect to like these at all.    Totally surprised and almost shocked how good these were.

Hope I haven’t jinxed myself now…and the next time I get the greasy-soggy-and-sucky-version.   I’ll keep ya posted.


3 Jul

Ok, lookit….when you label something


the damn thing better well just about put me in the hospital.

Oh, they gots some tang to them…sure…..but they aren’t SO sour that you need to put

“@#$%&* sour” on the label.    You ain’t got it like that, kid.

Not bustin’ ya chops or nothing…just sayin’….say XTRA sour or something….that I would agree with.

Still enjoyed the whole damn bag.



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